SOFI TUKKER Has Shared A DJ Set With All-Australian Music

Last weekend SOFI TUKKER celebrated their most recent hit single ‘House Arrest’ ft Gorgon City reaching the #1 played spot on triple j by performing a DJ Set with all-Australian music. 

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On Saturday the of 4th of July, Grammy-nominated house/EDM duo SOFI TUKKER delivered a special surprise to Aussie fans with an Australian focused livestream. The pair dedicated the full hour DJ set to Australian-only music as a way to connect with Australian fans and thank them for the success of their newest single ‘House Arrest’ in the country.

This DJ set was SOFI TUKKER’s 113th live set in a row after the streams kicked off in March from their home in Miami to entertain fans during the Coronavirus lockdown. In a statement the duo said, “We love Australia so much and can’t wait to come back.”

“Since we’re stuck staying away from you for now, we want to celebrate ‘House Arrest’ being #1 on triple j by playing an exclusively Australian live DJ set this Friday!! Can’t wait for thisss.”

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During SOFI TUKKER’s livestreams at 1 pm each day, the pair incorporates a variety of different instruments, sounds and beats including the mixing of tracks, and the use of live guitars, vocals, and music samples.

You can rewatch SOFI TUKKER’s livestream by following the link for Twitch here, watching it on Facebook here, or viewing it on Instagram here.

This stunning burst of electronic genius saw Sofi Tukker and Gorgon City joining forces in a song to bring us ‘House Arrest’ in May this year. This house track which combines pulsating synths, a heavy bass, airy vocals, and fun electronic notes is the perfect tune to get you bopping while we’re all under ‘house arrest’ or isolation during the Coronavirus lockdown. Have a listen to the full track below!

‘House Arrest’ ft Gorgon City is SOFI TUKKER’s first single for this year following the success of their 2019 single ‘Purple Hat’ which came in at number fourteen in the Hottest 100 of 2019. SOFI TUKKER has also had success with lots of their other singles including their 2019 track ‘Swing’ and 2016 track ‘Drinkee’.

In a press release with NME ,SOFI TUKKER said the track came together after singer Sophie Hawley-Weld broke her leg on stage at Groovin The Moo music festival, forcing the duo to fly home and remain inside resting. During this period is when she wrote the song ‘House Arrest’, which is a track about being locked inside. SOFI TUKKER went on to discuss the idea with Gorgon City and said releasing a song about being locked inside was a “kind of happy accident”.

“We originally didn’t intend to make a song but we loved what we were doing so much that we recorded it. Eventually, we sent it to Gorgon City because we thought they were just what it needed to make it perfect.” The two house artists created the track from their homes in isolation and have been able to perform the song on their live DJ sets on social media.

“We couldn’t be more excited to put this into the world,” SOFI TUKKER says. “Just because we are under ‘house arrest’ doesn’t mean we can’t go to the club in our minds.”

Photo Credit: E Online

Talking to MusicTech SOFI TUKKER says they’re enjoying being in the studio during the Coronavirus lockdown. “We are usually on tour and don’t have the opportunity to make music in a studio. Now that we’re in lockdown, it’s been amazing to be in a studio,” says Sophie.

Sophie also notes how their daily livestreams have been helping them remain stable during the pandemic through the joint sense of community. “We’ve had tough days but, for the most part, we’re doing well. We started livestreaming our DJ sets 98 days ago and the community that has been building around the sets has kept us sane, creative and structured.”

“We’ve definitely learnt the power of community. The people that watch the live sets every day now have a name: the freak fam. They’re the best bunch of people ever. We feel so honoured that they gather to have a dance party with us every day. The feeling of being part of a community, even if it’s virtual, has been creatively stimulating.”

Stay tuned for more music from SOFI TUKKER in the near future! “We have so much music coming out – lots of remixes, original music, collaborations. We almost have too much music. We’re super-excited.”

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