Fashion And Gaming: Animal Crossing Is The New Fashion Showground

The coronavirus pandemic upended the creative fashion model. While we are still grappling with our new normal, the fashion world is already transforming towards the future with gaming. To maintain relevance in the rapidly changing industry, Animal Crossing is a new way to showcase fashion.

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The Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an avatar-style game that allows players to create their own worlds and communities. One feature that made the game so popular and caught the fashion industry’s attention – the ability for players to elaborately customise the clothing for their character. To design a garment from scratch, create the exact hem length, flounce, or even pattern on the outfit that their character wears. This brings a sparking waves of sartorial creativity among the expansive audiences.

Unsurprisingly, the game quickly adopted by the fashion community, with dozens of Instagram account sprouting up to showcase the runway-inspired brand, such as Chanel, Off-White, Fendi and Louis Vuitton. All the custom garments are available for players, just simply head to the game’s Able Sisters kiosk and enter the unique codes to get your hands on them.

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Chanel by @selinadg (Code: MO-4XFX-HJ6S-4LGW)

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How fashion met gaming

In light of the coronavirus, the fashion industry faced a big hit and moved to rapidly shift to the virtual space. But apparel company, 100 Thieves, have been taking this opportunity to be innovative. They released their virtual versions of every single piece from their collection over the past three years. Whenever the company releases new clothing, it often sells in a minute. Check out all the clothing code here.

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Looking forward, there is a lot of exciting new opportunities waiting for the fashion industry to explore. The largely untrammeled grounds enable different collaboration including gaming. Particularly, brands are interested in the idea that they can embody virtual characters. A way to have close engagement and interaction with customers through an online platform. It would be a fascinating connection on a new level.

Fashion, by far, maybe your biggest expense. And now you can finally afford all the luxury items to satisfy your fashion obsession. Of course, there is nothing to stop your Animal Crossing fashion fascination by creating your own collection with the #OOTD hashtag.We may continue to see the fashion industry is taking its huge step with gaming.

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