The Man Behind the Haircut: How Cristiano Ronaldo Solidified His Status as a Fashion Icon

Portuguese footballing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his outrageous on-pitch skills, but he’s recently solidified his status as a fashion icon with vibrant off-pitch style.

Photo Credit: Bleacher Report

He is well known for playing smart and sporty in the stadiums and striking the ball to the goal post, with his magical legs. He has inspired a huge mass of youth, not only by his playing skills but also with his fashion style. Ronaldo’s adaptable style allows him to slay both on and off-field.

Appearing in various photoshoots and modelling for various different fashion brands too. His iconic spikey hairstyle is no doubt, adored by many. But that’s not all he’s got his own fashion label. His CR7 Underwear, CR7 Denim, CR7 Footwear and CR7 fragrance are quite famous.

So why is Cristiano Ronaldo a fashion icon? It’s simple he just is.

Whether his rocking jeans and a t-shirt or going all-out on his shoes and flexing his wristwatches. Ronaldo knows how to dress. He’s is tall, theatrical and larger-than-life. His personality is best exemplified through his fashion choices.

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The Show started with Love💏

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Ronaldo’s not afraid to make a statement. This was as demonstrated in his latest “weekend fit”. Flexing in a colourful matching Louis Vuitton shirt and shorts combo. Contrasted with some clean white trainers and an understated timepiece.

It’s common knowledge that when a famous footballer tries a different look, that it’s not that long until it becomes a new trend. Yes, we’re looking at you David Beckham.

So, it’s no surprise that it’s always big news when the 35-year-old Portuguese superstar tries out a different hairstyle.

From the slick-backed look of his Real Madrid days to his blonde highlights, he rocked when he joined Manchester United. Ronaldo’s hair has been on a journey; its latest stop is certainly more indie than what we’ve come to expect from him.

Rocking his wavy locks on his Instagram feed on the 27th May, accompanied by the caption “Approved?”. To which hundreds of comments approved of the wavy new look.

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Approved ? 🤔

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Then Ronaldo hit yet another grooming milestone, CR7’s latest Instagram post shows off his latest look a curly mop. Posing alongside fellow Juventus teammate Juan Cuadrado.

I don’t mind Ronaldo’s latest look. It’s certainly something different, and perhaps reflects Ronaldo’s growing comfort. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a wave of waves or curls in the coming months when I walk down the street.

Whether you love him or hate him, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo knows how to dress and style his hair. Ronaldo’s adaptable style allows him to slay both on and off-field and it’s only a matter of time before he does it again.

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