DMAs Are Explorative In Their New Album ‘The Glow’

Fresh, energetic and full of electronic indie-rock energy is one way to describe DMAs new euphoric third album The Glow, which infuses the band’s classic Britpop sound amongst new themes and genres. 

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The Sydney band, which is comprised of lead singer Tommy O’Dell, Johnny Took, and Matt Mason have found huge success since the band’s inception in 2012 with their second album For Now achieving their highest UK chart position at #13, and the band selling over 40,000 tickets for their recent headline tour. The band finished recording The Glow in the summer of 2019 and moved to Los Angeles to work in the studio with Grammy-winning producer Stuart Price at the legendary Westlake Recording Studios. Sonically this album is definitely a step up for the band with O’Dell telling NME Australia earlier this year, “We’ve grown as a band…We knew this record needed to be the record where we did push ourselves.”

The album begins with swirling synths and O’Dell’s expansive floating vocals that meld their indie-rock sounds with an electronic fusion of psychedelic funk. ‘Never Before’ is a dreamy rock ballad that feels like you’re in a trance with whirling electronic accents, spinning beats and strumming guitars. O’Dell’s spaced-out vocals stating “I’m still dreaming,” summarises the song very well with lyricism such as “stop me I lost myself”, also reflecting the mood of the song which is pure entrancement.

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Their title track ‘The Glow’ and ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’ bring back the band’s classic Britpop sound with a 90s rock vibe. ‘The Glow’ is an upbeat indie-rock tune with lively guitars and passionate vocals making it a quintessential DMAs anthem. Lead singer Tommy O’Dell talks about the single in a press statement saying ‘The Glow’ is a favourite of his. “For me it’s a snapshot of where we were and where we’re at now.” ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’ is sparkling with an electronica indie-pop feel and an upbeat energetic melody that is quite euphoric. The band brings in an edge of techno with underlying pulsating beats and low lying bass. This bop is a top track off their new album morphing a multitude of differing sounds and genres.

‘Strangers’ almost has a Western twang to it with an underlying sense of suspicion and mystery at the start that finally burst through into a heartfelt rock’n’roll song. The song brings forth echoing vocals and hearty guitar accompaniments that make this song a hidden gem amongst the album’s many songs. ‘Learning Alive’ is a song that shows a more vulnerable side to the band with lead singer Tommy O’Dell exploring themes of brokenness through intimate lyrics, “never been so scared to be open, knocking down walls through to more emptiness”.The classic DMAs sound resounds through this song as the boys frame warm strumming guitars around O’Dell’s sorrowful yet stunning vocals.

‘Round & Around’ is where we find the grungy 90s influence in the album with gritty guitars, rock vocals and fierce percussion. This track is punchy with influences from yesteryear intertwining Britpop amongst this alternative rock punk song. The final track on the album is ‘Cobracaine’ which is melodic and emotional with swirling synths and vocals that take you on an electro-charged journey. O’Dell’s vocals are so moving with lyrics that make you want to stop and reflect, “wasted kids so dead inside”. The vocals are so raw and expressive that I truly think the band saved the best for last. This song demonstrates the boys’ growth as one of Australia’s leading bands.

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DMAs have really stepped up the game with their new album The Glow which demonstrates their ability to be versatile musically as they venture into new territories and genres. The band infuses electronic sounds in their new music and intertwine it with 90s rock, indie-pop, and funk while all at the same time staying true to their classic Britpop sound. This plethora of differing sounds throughout the album is very exciting and new for the listener as they explore some really amazing music. We highly recommended this album as one of DMAs finest work yet.

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