Ubisoft’s Upcoming Roster of AAA Titles Promises An Exciting Year Ahead For Gamers

The prolific video game company announced numerous new games in an online event, Ubisoft Forward, on July 12.

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In lieu of a standard conference at E3, Ubisoft showcased some of its most anticipated games in an online event called Ubisoft Forward. Popular franchises such as Watchdogs, Far Cry and the long running Assassin’s Creed series debuted trailers and extensive gameplay. Clearly hoping to cash in on the current craze that is battle royale games, Hyperscape was announced, Ubisoft’s own unique take on the genre.


Watch Dogs: Legion

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The Watch Dogs series moves from its roots in America to a futuristic, authoritarian version of London. Gameplay revealed an eye-catching visual style, colourful neon lights abound and police drones are scattered across the map. But the most striking feature of this new game is the ability to play as any NPC on the map. The game allows you to profile any person on the streets of London and recruit them to the cause. You can play as a construction worker with his handy wrench or an incredibly vicious grandma if you so wish.

Watch Dogs: Legion will launch on October 29th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Far Cry 6

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In traditional Far Cry fashion, the sixth game takes place in the middle of a war-torn nation, ruled over by a cruel but charismatic dictator with a tendency for long, impassioned speeches. This game takes place on the island country of Yara. Unlike the last entry in the series, in which the protagonist was an unnamed character, Far Cry 6 has you play as Dani Rojas. A native of Yara, they are a character with a personal stake in the upcoming revolution.

Playing the villain in this game is none other than Giancarlo Esposito, of Breaking Bad and The Mandalorian fame. He is without a doubt the highest profile actor that the series has had to date. Esposito has already played one soft-spoken maniac in Breaking Bad, so it’s safe to say he will do the new role justice.

Far Cry 6 is being released on February 18th, 2021.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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Valhalla continue the trend that started with Assassin’s Creed Origins. It moves away from the stealth focused gameplay of the earlier entries into action RPG territory. Valhalla is set in 9th century Norway and England. The game offers another massive open world, including Norway and several regions of England, all ripe for exploration. The combat system, largely inspired by Odyssey, has been refined. Dual wielding is back, and the hidden blade, notably absent from the previous installment makes a welcome return. Large-scale battles are at the forefront of the new gameplay. Eivor, the main character, leads raids on English settlements and fortresses to gain a foothold in this new land. Famous historical figures will no doubt come into play during the main story. We have already had a glimpse at one dastardly villain, King Alfred of Wessex, in the cinematic trailer released earlier this year.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be released November 17.


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Battle royale games have been booming ever since Fortnite released its own version in 2017. Hyperscape, while having all the classic elements of a battle royale, injects its own unique flavour into the genre. The map is a futuristic and entirely virtual city. The sheer verticality of the map requires a completely different strategy than players are used to. Buildings are designed to be traversed, and peppered around the map are launch pads that shoot you upwards. It has a simple inventory with two weapon slots and two ability slots. These abilities range from invisibility to transforming into a giant bouncy ball. Rather than a standard circular barrier, the map disintegrates. Buildings start to disappear, removing obstructions during the rush for safety.

Hyperscape looks to be a hectic, fast-paced battle royale that stands out from the crowd. It is currently in open beta and available for download.


Ubisoft’s full online presentation and associated trailers can be watched below.

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