Kanye West Makes a Comeback with First Presidential Rally

Americans released a sigh of relief with news of Kanye West (aka Ye) supposedly dropping out of 2020 presidential race. However, this news was short lived as West made a comeback with his first presidential rally.

Photo Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

Steve Kramer, an adviser of West’s campaign team, told Intelligencer that “he’s out.” Many were relieved to hear that the rapper was no longer contesting the presidential seat. However, this relief was proven to be premature as West recently qualified for Oklahoma’s presidential ballot as the independent candidate for ‘The Birthday Party’ (BDY). West held his first presidential event at South Carolina where he became viscerally emotional as he discussed his personal stance on political issues such as abortion, religion and gun control.

West’s first presidential rally was anything but boring as the rapper broke down in tears as he talked about his own personal scape with abortion. He tearfully revealed nearly aborting his own daughter and that his “… mum saved my life. My dad wanted to abort me.” To the chagrin of many Americans, he also rambled on to claim, “Harriet Tubman actually never freed the slaves.” Many people can’t help but wonder if this emotional and chaotic rally has set the precedent for future events.

All sorts of theories have been raised as some are undermining the presidential campaign as a very expensive publicity stunt. Despite denouncing his support for Trump, others believe that West’s political pursuits is a diversion tactic to split votes away from the Democratic Party. He responded to this particular conspiracy with,

“To say that the Black vote is Democratic is a form of racism and white supremacy”

Whether or not he will meet the deadline and ballot requirements for other states remain unknown. However, many political experts have warned against complacency as West could be a potential major threat if he goes through with the 2024 elections.

In other news, West’s presidential rally was not the only major agenda of the week as he recently released behind-the-scene shots for YEEZY GAP. He has also announced on a now deleted tweet that his new album, DONDA, will drop on July 24th.

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