Moving Backwards? NSW Reintroduces Restrictions For Pubs Following Recent Outbreaks of COVID-19

The NSW government is set to introduce stricter measures to all social venues following the outbreak at Crossroads Hotel, which has resulted in 50 cases across NSW.

Photo Credit: Holiday Inn San Antonio Riverwalk

The new rules would mean corporate events would be limited to 150 people, whilst funerals and religious events would be restricted to 100 people.

“We absolutely need everybody seated when they are in a venue,” Berejikilian said in an announcement.

It comes after new rules restricting 300 people maximum in a venue at one time. Another rule would limit the number of people per booking or table to 10 people, dropping from 20.

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian in press conference earlier this week.  Photo Creidt: Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

Hygiene Marshals are on set to be duty. They will be overseeing social distancing, cleaning and hygiene.

“We absolutely need everybody seated when they are in a venue,”

Any Hotel with a capacity of 250 people will be required to have a marshal on duty during opening hours.

The new rule however, exempts the Star Casino, although it copped a $5000 fine for not enforcing social distancing rules.

The decision to enforce stricter social distancing restrictions was made on Monday night, following Australian Hotels Association approach to the Berejiklian government with a proposal to increase safety, according the SMH

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