PEACEMINUSONE Collaborations with Nike and Fragment Design

Fans of G-Dragon and PEACEMINUSONE have been blessed with the promising news of 2 upcoming collaborations with NIKE and fragment designs.

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PEACEMINUSONE is a brand started by the Korean icon, G-Dragon. He is distinguished for his eclectic and avant-garde style, modelling for big brands such as Gucci, Vogue, and Elle KR. He is a current ambassador for Chanel and has been named as a fashion icon from both the East and West. And he has added to the long list of fashion achievements with a second collaboration between PEACEMINUSONE and Nike Air Force 1.

Close looks of the upcoming ‘Para-Noise Part 2’ has been released and fans are loving it. The sneakers will debut the familiar Nike Air Force style with a metallic silver tone. And similarly, to the Para-Noise Part 1, it will feature the iconic daisy motif finished with black laces.

Para-Noise Part 1 sold out instantly so many fans are hoping to try their luck with the second drop of the awaited collab.

In other exciting news, PEACEMINUSONE continues to make news with its upcoming collaboration with Japanese brand, fragment design. Designer Fujiwara took to Instagram to post three binder clips branded with PEACEMINUSONE and THE CONVENI. Fans of the two brands are anticipating a graphic t-shirts and collectibles.

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Unfortunately, no exact dates have been announced for both collaborations, leaving many fans eager and excited.

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