Willaris. K Releases Entrancing New EP ‘Full Noise’

Willaris. K in his new EP Full Noise creates an ambient underground world of vibrations, from industrial techno to futuristic electronic house this all-encompassing release is true entrancement in a musical form. 

Photo Credit: The Groove Cartel

Willaris. K (aka Jack William McAllister) is a master of electronic music coming from humble beginnings as an electrical technician to now creating highly praised artistic and ambient music, showing this rising star has harnessed his talent and isn’t going anywhere. From supporting Grammy-nominated band Rüfüs Du Sol on their European and North American tours to playing at some of the leading music festivals such as Coachella, Splendour in the Grass, Lollapalooza, Voodoo and more; Willaris. K is back with 4 stunning tracks in his new EP Full Noise.

The first track on the EP featuring Seekae’s George Nicholas echos ambient house sounds infused with a touch of underground rave. These two electronic geniuses have created a track that is transportive and energising with a thick pulsating synth that is both grimy and enthralling. The immersion of electronic pulses and outer-worldly sounds make this track a hallucinatory dream that is ready for a hazy dancefloor rave. George Nicholas shared with CULTR in a statement how ‘Blunt Sword’ was formed;

“I met Jack a few years ago after he emailed me some songs that would go onto the mix. I think we just got along really well and liked a lot of the same sad music, it was about time we wrote some songs together. ‘Blunt Sword’ came about when we accidentally looped a section of audio which ended up being the main pulsing rhythm that runs throughout.”

Photo Credit: Stoney Roads

The Full Noise EP follows Willaris. K’s second EP LUSTRE which was released earlier this year in April. LUSTRE received huge praise for its sonic genius with Mixmag giving it a 9/10, the Guardian UK naming him ‘One To Watch’, and Purple Sneakers sharing “All hail Willaris. K”.

‘Chapel’ featuring WavelQ infuses the perfect touch of futuristic grime layering rap into this electro-house bop. The song is quite different from Willaris’ usual style with the inclusion of upbeat rap verses. In an interview with CULTR Willaris. K talks about ‘Chapel’ and working with WavelQ and the genre of rap:

“I had no expectations going into the session with WaveIQ and it just happened so quick which is usually a sign you’re onto something. I think it may come as a shock to people based on my released music but I’ve got a lot of unreleased music that’s in the same world.”

6 minutes long and full of vibrating electro-charged energy ‘Tanzmaus’ is hypnotic and creates an immersive experience for the listener. The warped synth and fast beat take you on a rhythmic journey through space and time making it a track perfect for a music festival or a pulsating club. This techno electronica tune is a stand out track for Willaris. K with its powerful mesmerising melody.

Finally, the EP ends on the track ‘Full Circle’ featuring Paul Mac who helped Willaris. K get that distinct techno sound that the track resonates. The track includes a sense of electronic dance-floor grime that is both ambient and serene. In a statement with CULTR Paul Mac shared his experience creating ‘Full Circle’ with Willaris. K;

“I hadn’t done any techno collabs in a while. Jack got in touch, I listened to his music and thought.. yeah, this could be fun. We vibed off each other as soon as we met and came up with ‘Full Circle’. I love this track, writing it felt effortless and powerful at the same time. Now I just can’t wait to hear it on a sweaty dance floor.”

Photo Credit: AAA Backstage

Willaris. K is proving to be one of Australia’s finest acts in the realm of electronic music with pure talent resounding from his distinct futuristic electro-house sound. His new EP Full Noise proves the young producer is broadening his musical abilities venturing into new genres and collaborating with a variety of artists. Full Noise is definitely a must-listen, so prepare yourself to be taken on an entrancing electronic journey.


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