An End of an Era as Bauer Says Goodbye to 8 Magazines

The magazine industry is under attack as the Covid-19 pandemic sinks its teeth to another victim (or 8) as Bauer Media bids farewell to beloved magazine names. 

Photo Credit: Harper’s BAZAAR

No one was prepared for the destructive nature of the coronavirus pandemic. In a matter of mere months, prolific names that were once thought as impenetrable started to close shop as many found it increasingly difficult to stay afloat. Unfortunately, the magazine industry is one of these victims as Australians must now say goodbye to Bauer Media’s Harper’s BAZAAR, InStyle, ELLE, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Good Health, OK! and NW.

I, like many others, cannot help but now wonder what this entails for the creative industry. The decimation of these corporations can be likened to a whole ecosystem being eradicated as editors, models, photographers, make-up artists, writers, and many more are now out of a job. And it is not merely an unfortunate loss of jobs but a loss of creative expression, innovation and inspiration.

The pandemic marks an unprecedented time in history as both the fashion and magazine corporations are now under attack from an uncontrollable force. So, what about the coronavirus pandemic brought about the ultimate demise of these companies? As many are facing financial difficulties, individuals are less than willing to invest in the advertised pieces. And clothes that are bought can’t even be flaunted due to the enforced lockdowns. This highlights the helplessness of the situation was not only limited to magazine companies as the general public and fashion industry felt the extreme magnitude.

Mainstream media industries have already been subjected to the struggles of the proliferation of online platforms and have undergone massive structural changes. Fortunately for some, in a dark tunnel there is light at the end. Some creative occupations have flourished as they turned their physical production towards an online platform. And the pandemic has shown that it is possible for companies to move to an online platform whilst still engaging with target markets, seen with virtual fashion shows. Some of the lucky few that have thrived as people are finding new and interesting ways to adapt and showcase fashionable products. Jobs such as:

  • Virtual showroom designers
  • IT
  • Videographer/photographer
  • CGI artists
Photo Credit: Vogue

Saying goodbye to the aforementioned 8 magazines marks a dark day in history. It is difficult to ascertain if these companies will make a comeback in the Australian market following the pandemic. However, shutting down their online platforms is a tell-tale sign that it is highly unlikely they will be returning anytime soon. With luck on our side, hopefully another corporation will open up in order to fulfil the need left by the magazines. It also marks an interesting time in history as it may very well mark the start of a technological revolution as magazine industries (and others) move towards a wholly online platform.

For now, the history of the magazine industry will remain unknown. All that we can hope for is a speedy recovery!

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