The Kissing Booth 3 Is Coming To Netflix In 2021

The Kissing Booth 2 has just graced our screens and the third instalment of the series has already been announced.

Kissing Booth 3: Netflix Sequel Set for 2021 | IndieWire
Kissing Booth 3: Netflix Sequel Set for 2021 | Photo Credit: IndieWire

Released on Netflix on 24 July, The Kissing Booth 2 is a direct sequel to the 2018 film The Kissing Booth. The story picks up from the first film and follows Elle (Joey King) and Noah (Jacob Elordi) on their long distance relationship and all complications that arise from it. Of course, we saw Lee (Joel Courtney) and Elle show off their unbreakable friendship and teamwork on the dance machine.

We also meet Chloe (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), Noah’s friend from Harvard. The romantic comedy also introduced another character to swoon over: Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez), the new kid at school, who has a thing for Elle.

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Just a few days after TB2 was released, Netflix announced The Kissing Booth 3.

Though the cast are not able to meet fans face to face, they are doing many interviews online. King, who was also executive producer of TKB2, said:

“From the first movie to the second movie just coming out just on Friday, I mean the explosion of love has been so real. It’s because of everyone on here that all of this has happened.”

For those of us who have seen the film, the announcement of a third movie does not come as a surprise. The movie left us on a cliff-hanger, with Elle stating she was unsure about her college plans, even though she had already been accepted in Harvard and Berkeley. Marco also teased us by indicating that he still was still interested in Elle, saying she was “worth it”. Fans are also excited to see whether Chloe and Elle will become best friends, given their rocky start.

Fan theories have already surfaced on the internet on what will happen in TKB3.

Many are already rooting for Marco and Elle:

Fortunately, TKB3 has already been filmed, and is already in post-production. According to Courtney, TKB3 was filmed at the same time as the sequel. Courtney said during a YouTube livestream event:

“It was the hardest secret to keep.”

Set for release in 2021, fans of the franchise do not have long to wait to see where Elle takes her life.

Check out TKB3 Exclusive Sneak Peek:


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