Add This To Your Bucket: KFC x Crocs Collaboration

It’s the 2020 collaboration no one saw asked for nor saw coming. Fast-food chain KFC and Crocs has launched a collaborative croc.

The exclusive footwear was announced in February this year. It was subsequently worn at New York Fashion Week by Me Love Me A Lot (MLMA), a Korean artist.

Photo Credit: Footwear News


Speaking to Paper Mag, MLMA says:

“Crocs and KFC’s collaboration feels like high fashion to me. Because they are doing something different that’s fun and creative. When you have fun, and do something no one else would try, that’s when you go viral.”

Photo Credit: Nerdist

The shoe is aesthetically covered in fried chicken print with detachable fried drumstick charms. Each pair comes with two Jibbitz charms that are made to smell like fried chicken. With a striped base, there’s no way these won’t be a fashion statement. The footwear also pays tribute to Colonel Sanders and his famous creation, given the red and white detailing that we’re all so familiar with on KFC buckets.

According to Crocs, it is an “iconic collab” where your two favourite brands finally are “immortalised on a rivet to prove a collaboration happened”.

Released for sale officially last week, the unique “Bucket Clogs” were sold out in half an hour.

According to many eager buyers, the US$60 shoes were difficult to obtain, where some fans were unsatisfied with the management of the release.

It’s difficult to believe and one would obviously doubt that a pair of shoes could remotely produce a faint scent. But, rest assured, they really do smell like KFC according to someone who’s received them.

Crocs was founded in the early 2000s in Colorado. With divided opinions, Crocs have been associated with medical footwear, and overtime, has become a cultural fashion icon. Since the debut in 2002, the different style of footwear has sold over 600 million pairs of shoes around the world to over 90 countries. KFC x Crocs is not the first collaboration we didn’t see coming. After all, Crocs has partnered with brands such as Balenciaga, Chinatown Market, Beams and many artists including Takashi Murakami, PSY and Post Malone in the past.

So who knows what the future might hold? Even if KFC x Crocs is not for you, they just might surprise you with a collaboration you never saw coming.

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