ODESZA And Golden Features Release Debut Album ‘BRONSON’

The transcendental collaborative project between Golden Features and ODESZA, BRONSON, has been released with stunning soundscapes creating an electronic fantasy in the mind of the listener. 

Photo Credit: Magnetic Magazine

Electronic duo ODESZA has paired up with Sydney producer Golden Features to produce a new collaborative album called BRONSON that melds outer-worldly electronic sounds with a deep entrancing bass. This is the first time we have seen ODESZA and Golden Features collaborate together on an album however they have crossed paths before. In 2018 Golden Features was asked to remix their song ‘Falls’, taken from the duo’s 2017 album A Moment Apart.

The 10 song album opens with the track ‘FOUNDATION’ that melds perfectly into the following track ‘HEART ATTACK’ with swirling beats and deep vibrating synths that continue to magnify as the song progresses. As the song closes we hear the distinct beat of ‘HEART ATTACK’ take hold, transitioning perfectly into this next track that juxtaposes the heavenly vocals from lau.ra with an ominous beat that comes in the form of electrifying yet grimy oscillation.

‘BLINE’ transports you through space and time with a strong electronic beat that goes through ebbs and flows lulling you into a hypnotic dream-like state. ‘KNOW ME’ has a slower tempo to the previous tracks combining emotive echoey vocals by singer Gallant with a melody that is a poignant reminder that this album is an explorative portfolio of different soundscapes and moods. ‘VAULTS’ is transcendent, intertwining warped electronic beats and sounds that fuse both ODESZA and Golden Features’ sound together perfectly. This song exudes dystopic energy leading you through a world of perfectly curated chaos.

‘TENSE’ is pure grime releasing sounds of electronic static making this energetic track ready for an underground rave scene, pulling you deeper into the rabbit hole that is BRONSON. The vibratory electronic sounds build up to a crescendo releasing shock waves, ending the song on an ethereal note with the holy sounds of an organ. ‘CALL OUT’ calms down the pace of the album with ambient bouncing beats and warped electronic synths and sounds. This track is very much heavily influenced by ODESZA’s distinct electronica sound that is multilayered and otherworldly. 

Golden Features and ODESZA. Photo Credit: Tone Deaf

‘CONTACT’ is your typical Golden Features inspired song, beginning with a strong beat and incorporating beautiful melodies amongst chaotic electronic drops. The song is masterful in its creation of perfectly timed beats, layering of various unique electronic sounds, and includes a vibe that is perfect for a sweaty dancefloor sesh. ‘KEEP MOVING’ is supercharged with a thick beat and distorted vocals that are dark and ominous making this another great dance track. You can almost feel the pulsating beat from this song in your chest sending electro waves through your ears and throughout your body.

The album concludes with an alluring seven-minute track ‘DAWN’ featuring Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. The song begins with chillwave electronica that incorporates thrilling electronic sounds amongst the vibrating beats. Halfway through, the track progresses into a beautiful and soulful ballad with stunning vocals that finally merge back into the thick electronic sound that frames the tune. The main feature of the song is the emotive vocals that conclude the BRONSON journey in peace and tranquillity.

Photo Credit: Billboard

This album creates an electrifying narrative in the mind of the listener from highs to lows and everything in between. The BRONSON album is explorative in its experimentation with different sounds and genres making it a glorious listen, taking you on a voyage through a dystopic electronic trance. From grimy underground vibes to electronic, dance and placid sounds, the BRONSON album has you transfixed in its sonic beauty. The album incorporates sounds from two stellar producers ODESZA and Golden Features with each song being a unique melding together of their two sounds. This album is an electronic dream and is pure beauty to your ears. Let’s hope these two artists collaborate again in the future as this album is truly remarkable.

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