Ultimate Camping Goals: Gear up with The Louis Vuitton Tent

Sure to turn any camping experience into a luxury adventure, Louis Vuitton have released a designer tent.  

Photo Credit: Vogue

In the world of 2020, you probably have the wildest nostalgic travel memories. But we all know our plan, for now, is just looking at some other ways to escape the ongoing pandemic. Thankfully, you can now extend your backyard and enjoy a COVID safe staycation with Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Tent.

Louis Vuitton introduced the Monogram tent, retailing at $109000 and designed as a nod to the brand’s heritage, nomadic spirit. Since Louis Vuitton has been the luxury go-to for its range of heritage travel trunks, luggage bags and accessories, it seems only fitting that they include a backyard adventure.


Inside the tent

The tent fits two people and features the iconic Louis Vuitton Monogram print on the exterior. Inside, it is the Monogram cloud print that is part of the autumn/winter 2020 menswear collection. On its full display, you can literally sleep underneath the clouds.

Photo Credit: Vogue

“Through the blue and white, cloudy interior, one is instantly transported on a surreal journey of overnight exploration, be it in a faraway land or in a snug corner of one’s garden”, said a press release from Louis Vuitton.

The water repellent tent also means weather won’t get in the way of your glamping plans. As for storage, the tent can neatly fold back up into the case so you can store it away when not in use.

Photo Credit: Vogue

There are some equally chic LV monogrammed camping accessories to go with it. You can invest the Bell Lamp by Barber & Osgerby from the Louis Vuitton Object Nomades collection, which is a perfect camping light that matches the vibe.

Give yourself a treat and add a luxe pair of pyjamas, some books and ready for a whole night in a tent.

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