Is Lululemon Carrying The Athleisure Industry?

Athleisure is more than a fad. Let’s see how Lululemon can balance your wellness priorities from remotely working at home, to a night out without having to change outfits.

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Athleisure is a trend of wearing athletic clothing as casual wear and a power combo of style, comfort, fit, and of course functionality. Companies such as Nike, Under Armour and Victoria’s Secret, have fully realised its popularity and are trying to cash in on the trend. Its staying power even extends to hot couture labels. Gucci, Fendi and Tom Ford are imitating and inspired by the mainstream success of athletic performance-wear brands.

But how do Lululemon stay on top of the athleisure market? When Lululemon entered the apparel market, it kick-started the athleisure market. Lululemon has an incredibly loyal customer base, and keep customers returning by offering events, for example yoga class and running club. These strategies create an addictive experience that they co-create with the brand. Lululemon is building a community and establishing their value, while at the same time allowing people to join the ‘be one of them’ experience.

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Lululemon is changing the fashion industry

The fashion industry is not an exception in finding ways to survive in the COVID-19 crisis, whereas Lululemon share price rose to an all-time high. Lululemon is the ‘at home COVID winner’ as the current state of the world solidified its top leading position.

Particularly, the ‘work from home’ period is where comfort is king. People are making purchases in athleisure wear to recalibrate the new normal. In the world of uncertainty, people are trying to find joy and comfort, but also increasing style. The versatility of a pair of yoga pants is an ideal garment that people can wear as they become accustomed to juggling every day from home workouts to a Zoom meeting.

“When people are working in groups, fashion plays a stronger role, but at home comfort is king,” Simeon Siegal, BMO Capital Markets analyst told Fortune.

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We all know about Lululemon and other makers of yoga-related fashion are not limited to yoga, they have expanded well beyond. Athleisure fashion is explained by the growth of athleisure wellness. Meaning wellness products like yoga pants give people an association with healthy activity, no matter they are actually doing or not. It is a look that expresses an aspiration for health and positive mind.

Wellness is a broad term and its meaning is expanding with more products becoming associated with it. While the product is not a medicine, it makes you feel better and strengthens your personal health.

Health and wellness, of course, are your top priority these days. If you are an athleisure-savvy person, give Lululemon a try and join the trend in the fashion industry.

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