The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition Is Landing In Sydney

From the moment you step through Van Gogh Alive, you will be surrounded by moving images, music and even special formulated scents from the multi-sensory experience.

Photo Credit: Broadsheet

As Victoria continues to grabble the second wave of COVID-19, Melbourne is in a strict lockdown with many events in Melbourne needing to make alternative arrangements. Which is how Sydney landed the gig to host the Australian premiere of a major international art event, Van Gogh Alive.

Van Gogh Alive is an immersive exhibition celebrating the masterpieces of Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh’s beloved paintings will shift in sync to a soundtrack, with specially formulated aromas being released to fully immerse visitors in a powerful multi-sensory experience. His work, including The Starry Night, will accompany a musical score and light projections that create a sense of wonder while you are walking into his paintings. Besides the cinema-quality sound and dazzling lighting that bring you to the masterpiece.


What is behind the exhibition?

Van Gogh Alive interactive exhibition has shown in 50 cities worldwide and attracted more than 6 million visitors. And the Sydney exhibition will be the biggest version anywhere in the world, up to three times larger than in some other cities. The art projections are equivalent to 30 or 40 IMAX screens positioned in different angles. Also, with 3000 large-scale images projected onto walls, columns and floors at the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park.

Photo Credit: WeekendNotes

The exhibition marks another milestone at Sydney’s cultural scene. As it gradually comes back to life, now is the time to celebrate the renewed availability of the Royal Hall of Industries.

“As long as government regulations and everything else holds, it’ll be fantastic to have something on that’s cultural, educational entertaining for all members of the family,” Bruce Peterson told The Sydney Morning Herald, the owner of The Lume, Melbourne’s immersive digital gallery.

The family-friendly experience will create the sensation of walking right into Van Gogh’s paintings. Additionally, bringing art and culture to the people with educational outcomes by entertaining. Whether you are art lovers or newbies, you can engage and learn. It opens up audiences that would not usually go to a traditional art environment.

“Young kids tend to chase the colours and movement of light and colour around. They can get a taste for art and culture early on that’s positive, that’s not dry or boring, that’s no less enticing as their computer screens and iPads”, said Bruce Peterson.

Photo Credit: ABS-CBN News

Van Gogh Alive will open on September 18, The Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park. Ticket will cost $30 pp and while tickets are not available for sale now, sign up to the waiting list here!

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