Billie Eilish Teams Up With Deutsche Telekom: #WhatWeDoNext

It goes without saying that a lot of young people have grown up using technology. Meet the group of Gen Z in Deutsche Telekom’s #WhatWeDoNext campaign.

Photo Credit: The United Nations

Many might not have known, but August 12 was UN’s International Youth Day (IYD). According to the UN, IYD gives an opportunity to “celebrate and mainstream young peoples’ voices, actions and initiatives.” Specifically, this year’s theme was “Youth Engagement for Global Action”.

Released on IYD, Deutsche Telekom’s new campaign #WhatWeDoNext celebrates Gen-Z tech positivity. The ad suggests the usage of technology is linked with enacting real social change. Grammy winner Billie Eilish partnered with the German telco firm as the face and narrator of the campaign.

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Dubbed as ‘the voice of Gen Z’, Eilish said:

“We all have the potential to make a positive impact on our planet, and I’m hopeful our generation will use their platforms to collaborate and communicate, and make a difference.”

The Ambassadors

Photo Credit: BRICKS Magazine

As well as Eilish, six other Gen Z ambassadors from diverse backgrounds are featured. Collectively, they promote the power and potential of today’s youth. For instance, Jahkini Bisselink hopes political participation and entrepreneurship are within reach for young people. Eirini Vougioka, 19, is a climate activist. At 19, Fabian Grischkat utilises his platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. And, Anna-Laura Kummer, 24, is a sustainable fashion activist with her own brand. Aged 20, Philipp Kalweit is a renowned IT security expert with goals of sustainable cyber-security in the digital world. Not to mention Leo S, 21, the only female DJ in the Polish scene.

A two minute film as part of the campaign, shows what many believe: excessive technology usage within the youth. Whereas, for Gen-Z, it is a powerful tool to campaign for issues.


Photo Credit: Telekom Electronic Beats

Vice President for International Market Communications at Deutsche Telekom, Wolfgang Kampbartold stated:

“We wanted to provide Gen Z with a voice and a platform from which to demonstrate how they are harnessing the power of connected technology to make a real difference. In collaborating with Billie and our team of young people, we are shining a light on the incredible potential of this generation, as they navigate a new future.”

Moreover, Vincent Haycock, the director, added:

“We wanted to capture the spirit of this generation and show their collective voice harnessed by their use of social media. They are a generation that uses technology and social media to raise awareness and create communities.”

Deutsche Telekom’s Study

Photo Credit: Campaign

In fact, Deutsche Telekom conducted a study “Gen Z and Connected Technology” of youth in Germany, UK, Poland and Hungary. The results revealed 86% of youth believed that digitalisation is a key driver to overcoming global sustainability problems. Furthermore, 90% believed that the engagement of young people is the key to building a better future.

All things considered, technology can be used to make a positive impact. After all, the future lies in the hands of the youth.

Check out the campaign below:

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