Kanye West’s New Yeezy Sunglasses: A Futuristic Tendency

Kanye West never stops teasing his potential Yeezy products and his latest styles continue to give us a confused WOW.

Photo Credit: India TV

Kanye West, a rapper-producer and presidential candidate aspirant, shared pictures of the Yeezy’s new sunglasses. He tweeted a couple of pictures that are distinctive in appearance and the design created a buzz on the internet. It captured lots of reaction by the amusing and confusing design.

With over 14.9K likes and 1.1K retweets, Twitter users didn’t hold back with all the comment, likening the sunglasses to ‘headband’, ‘Star Trek’ or ‘X-men’.

The next trend?

Tiny sunglasses took over the fashion since 2018, trying the minuscule styles on for size. Two years later, the aesthetic is still going strong now, and more are ready to evolve in the hands of Kanye West.

Drawing inspiration from the class sci-fi, Yeezy’s meant cult a 1976 movie Logan’s Run. The product of Yeezy tapped into Logan’s Run for several years given in the earlier offerings, with their clean lines and muted palettes, along with the Calabasas dome. This is cult-y, extremely influenced from the movie scene.

Also drawing up the futuristic idea, Louis Vuitton’s SS21 show Star Trek: The Next Generation in earlier this month been inspired by the Afrofuturism (African technoculture and science fiction) in the 70s and 80s.

Kanye West is not the only one who put forward the retro-futuristic, cyber-technology style right now. Though, the top designer brands including Balenciaga and Dior are following its way. For example, Balenciaga introduced a space-age mirror finish collection that is scraping out every last fashion morsel that particular era has left.

Here’s a question that remains, will this become a full-blown trend like the way that tiny sunglasses blew up? To be honest, if Kanye has anything to do with it, we would not be surprised. What do you think about the future fashion trend? I believe everything can be a novel trend, let’s embrace the sci-fi succession.

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