TikTok is Suing US Government Amidst the Looming Ban

TikTok is fighting back the upcoming ban by countersuing the Trump administration, stating it is a violation of the Fifth Amendment. 

Photo Credit: Bloomberg/Hollie Adams

TikTok released a blogpost on their official website explaining why they decided to file a complaint in federal court. They justified why the government’s security concerns were unjust as well as underlining the blatant disregard of the Trump Administration in TikTok’s attempts to placate said concerns. They conclude their justification stating that:

“the Administration’s decision were heavily politicised, and industry experts have said the same.”

Free speech groups such as the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) and TikTok have expressed concerns that the ban is a threat to free speech. Despite no conclusive evidence that TikTok has shared data with the Chinese government the Trump administration have continued to vilify the company. Chinese-owned companies are no stranger to this type of behavior as the telecommunication company, Huawei, has also seen bans in the UK.

Even if Microsoft were to acquire TikTok, the US government has made it clear they would be demanding payments even with a Western ownership. TikTok has emphasised that they prefer “constructive dialogue over litigation” but they have been forced to desperate means. Hence, this is the company’s last chance to prevent the upcoming ban and overturn the racist, unwarranted treatment from the Administration.

Whether TikTok stays in the hand of ByteDance or goes to a new Western owner, it is difficult to assess the future of the viral company. For now, the Trump Administration seems determined on banning the app with blatant disregard to any reassurances. With nearly 700 million global users, the looming ban will mark a sad time for both the younger and older demographic.

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