Will Ridley Scott’s ‘Raised By Wolves’ Propel Travis Fimmel To Fame?

Science fiction drama series Raised By Wolves will premiere on the 3rd of September, and many are eager to experience both the story and the performance of Australian favourite Travis Fimmel.

Photo Credit: Roger Ebert

Season 1 of Raised By Wolves, the latest from producer Ridley Scott known for his directorial work in Alien, Blade Runner and the upcoming murder mystery Gucci, will hit screens on the 3rd of September on the Foxtel Showcase Channel, and will later join streaming services. Not a lot is known about the series, but there has been a great amount of hype around the trailer, both in terms of the themes of the series and excitement about the cast.

The ten episode series, created by Aaron Guzikowski who wrote the 2013 film Prisoners, will see the first two episodes directed by Scott. The series revolves around themes not often explored anymore in popular film and television, namely those of belief. Religion has become a touchy subject for many, a lot of the public wishing to ignore the idea completely while others are quick to take offence at any minor exploration of faith whether negative or positive. Raised By Wolves takes a different approach to these ideas by exploring them in a science fiction setting.

The series is based around a Mother and a Father android who must raise children on a new and strange planet after Earth has been destroyed. The colony the androids and their children are a part of is in a state of upheaval due to differentiating religious beliefs. It’s an interesting idea, and in a strange sort of roundabout way a historically accurate one considering the wars and conflicts we have seen and continue to see due to differentiating modes of religious thought.

Photo Credit: Resident Entertainment

Most excitingly to some, and especially to Australians, is the presence of local boy Travis Fimmel in the cast. Fimmel, a Victorian, first came to public attention as a model in the early 2000’s before  starring in the 2003 series Tarzan. He has since worked primarily as an actor, appearing in such films as The Experiment and Warcraft, as well as being known for his role in popular television series Vikings.

It can be difficult for an Australian actor or actress to reach the level of stardom American performers see in Hollywood. There have been some exceptions, such as Margot Robbie, the Hemsworth brothers, Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, but Americans tend to view the Australian accent and attitude with a distrustful eye. Signing on to a project with such a renowned talent as Ridley Scott, however, and still being a young and growing talent, Travis Fimmel seems set to become a Hollywood staple.

Check out the trailer below. 

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