Skate And Luxury Worlds Collide: Lucien Clarke x Louis Vuitton

2020 has been a year full of surprises. In recent news, skate and luxury worlds have collided, and it’s in the form of footwear. 

Louis Vuitton’s first skate shoe was announced at the end of last month. In collaboration with Virgil Abloh, professional skateboarder Lucien Clarke released the news via Instagram.

Also taking to Instagram, Abloh teased the release:

Abloh is Louis Vuitton’s artistic director. He is also the chief executive officer of Off-White, a Milan-based fashion house he founded back in 2013. On the other hand, Clarke is a Jamaican-born, London-based skateboarder. Clarke has been the face of many Palace campaigns.

Collectively, the pair have previously worked together. Clarke has modelled with Louis Vuitton and walked its runway shows.

Having signed with Louis Vuitton, this signifies the first time the French fashion house has released skateboarding footwear. Though many would question the collaboration of skating and luxury worlds, it’s not completely out of the blue. Skateboarding has been a longtime fascination and source of inspiration for the fashion world.

Brendon Babenzien, founder of menswear brand Noah, said:

“Skaters are incredible, intelligent, and creative, and people want a piece of what they’ve got.”

Likewise, Clarke has previously said:

I’ve never seen skating and fashion as completely different worlds. It’s always been the same for me because everyone in skating’s got their own sense of style. It just depends on how hard you go in, basically.

The Collaborative Sneaker

Photo Credit: HighSnobiety

Louis Vuitton’s skate shoe is of an early 2000s silhouette. It involves a layered mesh and suede upper. Clarke’s name is fine printed on the upper mid foot. A classic Louis Vuitton stamp is on the rear of the outsole. Three Louis Vuitton monogrammed graphics are visible near the heel. So far, shoe colour options are black/ orange, white/ orange and blue.

The collection is expected to launch at the end of the year, with more details to come. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton’s skateboarding debut will also be advertised in the upcoming issue of Thrasher magazine.

Photo Credit: Page Magazine

Skateboarding was meant to make its Olympic debut this year in Tokyo. However, given the on-going pandemic, the Olympics was postponed. Perhaps we’ll get to see the Louis Vuitton skate shoe in action next year.

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