TikTok! It’s Gucci Time

2020’s teen content sensation TikTok has spawned a new viral fashion phenomenon. This time, a monotonous voiceover guides content creators as they do their best DIY impression of a Gucci fit.

The challenge hinges on the design tropes of Gucci under the creative helm of Alessandro Michele, i.e. colourful turtlenecks, egregious layering, gender non-conformity, and naturally, a silky headscarf.

@Jesskeo on TikTok


In addition to disguising random clothing as high-end, the challenge is basically asking users to do their best impression of a Gucci model which, as the house’s casting roster suggests, vibes out as a kind of trust fund, pre-Raphaelite dandy with heaps of jewellery – the only thing missing from these TikTok videos to complete the look is a menagerie of wild or domesticated animals, which seem to populate all the new Gucci campaigns these days.

@jorgemjahnke on TikTok


The challenge, arguably just harmless fun for teenagers who are bored at home, begs bigger questions of viral campaigns, brand identity, and whether or not these kind of challenges are sanctioned by Gucci – or if that even matters at all?