Cosmo’s Midnight Announce Release Date For Sophomore Album ‘Yesteryear’

Sydney duo Cosmo’s Midnight have announced the release date of their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Yesteryear’ that takes an introspective look at personal growth and optimism.

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The electronic outfit is set to release their album worldwide on October 2 via Sony Music (Australia), RCA Records (USA), and Black Butter Records (UK).

The twin brothers took to social media to announce the album release date saying, “This one is very special to us, so thank you all for waiting!”.

In a statement, the band have said the album encompasses themes of nostalgia, self-reflection, personal growth, and learning throughout life’s experiences.

“Our second album is more or less summed up in the title track ‘Yesteryear’. It’s about reflecting on the past with not only nostalgia but also an element of melancholia ~ all the formative experiences that we absorb growing up both good and bad.”

“It’s an album inspired by personal growth, looking back on these experiences, learning from them and moving forward with optimism.”

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The sounds heard throughout the album were also discussed with the duo saying they have maintained their funky psychedelia vibe while striving to include more organic elements that are rich in feeling and emotion. 

“Stylistically we have always looked back to genres our parents introduced to us growing up; disco, funk, psychedelia, alt-pop of the 70s and 80s. In ‘Yesteryear’ we have honed in on that, moving away from overly produced sounds to more organic instrumentation, focused on feeling rather than thinking.”

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Cosmo’s Midnight’s forthcoming album ‘Yesteryear’ follows their 2018 debut album ‘What Comes Next’ which features local and international artists including Winston Surfshirt, Woodes, Buddy, and Panama. The upcoming album is also set to include their recently released single ‘Down For You’ which features Sydney artist Ruel.

In the leadup to the album release, the band shared their psychedelic infused title track ‘Yesteryear’ that cranks up the funk, groove, and 70s energy. The song was a change for the boys with Pat Liney taking lead vocals throughout the entire song. In a statement the duo described their new release as “a song reflecting back on the years past, the unchanging feelings of youth, growing up, and contemplating the future.”

A music video that was made in isolation accompanies the new single which sees the two brothers playing with green screens at home in a DIY fashion.

At the start of the year, Cosmo’s Midnight made their debut in triple j’s Hottest 100 countdown with their song ‘C.U.D.I (Can U Dig It)’ which is now a gold-certified single. Recently the duo’s latest release ‘Down For You’ with Ruel gained over 16 million online streams positioning the band’s as one of Australia’s most beloved duos.

Cosmo’s Midnight consistently raises the bar with each of their new musical ventures. There’s no doubt their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Yesteryear’ will be a groove infused smash hit to get us through to better days.

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