Several Australian Stars Unite For #DoMore Project

The #DoMore Project has united several Australian stars, from athletes to actors. Its aim: to create an equal future for all Australians.

Global protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement have sparked worldwide discussions about systematic racism. As a result, many projects have kickstarted to tackle racism. Including one that is closer to home – in Australia.

The #DoMore Project is a call to action for Australians. In particular, those who are wanting to be more informed, more educated, and more engaged in challenging racism. Furthermore, the project involves telling stories of Australians of all backgrounds to challenge existing beliefs and raise awareness of the impact racism has.

Photo Credit: DOMORE Project

In detail, a number of influential and culturally diverse Australian athletes, artists and actors have joined for this project. Namely, Margot Robbie, Miranda Tapsell, Hugh Jackman and Ben Simmons.

In a promotional video supporting the launch, Robbie says it’s not enough to just not be racist:

“[Anti-racist is] not a label, that’s a mindset that we need to practise every day. And every day is an opportunity to do more, every day is an opportunity to put your hand up and be present and hold yourself accountable.”

Notably, professional basketball player Simmons concludes the video, saying:

“Because equality for the whole of Australia is something we should all strive towards for a better future.”

Photo Credit: DOMORE Project

How To Get Involved

The DoMore team have created and compiled a range of resources. In fact, upon going to their website, one can learn and educate themselves. For instance, understand the history of First Nations people. Additionally, the project asks to reflect on experiences of unconscious bias. Specifically, the team encourages everyone to make changes in our everyday lives to #DoMore.

Check out the video below. Find out more here.


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