Bella Thorne Apologises to Content Creators Following Revision in OnlyFans Policies

From Disney star to the adult industry, Bella Thorne is no stranger in making headlines. However, her recent debut on the adult website, OnlyFans, has raised eyebrows with the reported lucrative profit. 

Photo Credit: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Bella Thorne may best be known for her rise to prominence in the Disney show, Shake It Up, alongside co-star Zendaya Coleman. However, she has strayed far from the innocent tween image and revived into a firm feminist. She has spoken about her own sexuality and has even ventured into the adult industry, winning an award from Pornhub from her debut directorial film “Her & Him.” Thorne has effectively shaken off her Disney star image and has raised eyebrows once again with her unexpected debut on the adult website, OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a London based content subscription service where creators receive tips and sell content such as pay-per-view messages (PPV). The site takes 20% commission and creators pocket the rest. It is not strictly limited to sex work as some celebrities and musicians have also used it to share personalised content. Thorne was able to earn more than $2 million in her debut 2-day junket on the site however has faced great backlash from users and creators alike.

This lucrative amount faced great backlash by fellow sex workers and users for committing “digital gentrification” of the site. The backlash increasingly got worse as OnlyFans recently made revisions to their policies. These revisions include capping tips at $100 and pay-per-view messages at $50 where creators were able to charge as much as they wanted beforehand. This effectively makes it harder for creators to make a profit as some workers now get paid monthly instead of weekly. 

One main reason users and creators have also accused Thorne for scamming customers. She supposedly offered customers $200 for nude pictures however only provided clothed pics of her eating a hotdog. Customers then filed complaints and requested for refunds, which may have concreted the decision to revise company policy. 

Thorne took to Twitter to apologise for the outcome of her actions and justified joining the site despite a net worth of $5mil to $12mil as it was for research purposes for a new movie with Sean Baker. However, Baker has revealed that he is not actually working with Thorne in a new movie and he recommended Thorne to consult sex workers on her decision to join. She also further explained that she wanted to remove the stigma surrounding sex work, porn and sexuality. Though OnlyFans have released a statement that a revision in policy was in works before the Thorne incident, many still believe that Thorne inadvertently caused great damage to those who rely on OnlyFans as their main source of income.  

Unless Thorne or OnlyFans confirms it themselves, we will never know if the actress was the instigator in changing the nature of the site.

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