Stella McCartney Shared Is A Genderless Collection

Fashion has always been a form of expression. Stella McCartney’s latest capsule collection, Stella McCartney Shared, is her first unisex line inspired by Gen Z.

The #StellaShared Capsule Collection

Photo Credit: Stella McCartney

#StellaShared is a youthful and genderless exploration for the rising generation. It involves bold luxurious streetwear. Its curation revolves around McCartney’s group of global change agents. Similarly, emphasising McCartney’s style and activist values. The collection expresses individuality, diversity and positivity.

The designer told WWD:

“Youth today are naturally open-minded and fluid with gender. How they inclusively celebrate diversity and individuality is beautiful, using self-expression to affect social change, rising up collectively in the face of global social unrest and the climate crisis, to create the world they want to see.”

Photo Credit: Stella McCartney

The capsule collection is fit for both men and women. #StellaShared is inspired by 1920s London’s private clubs. Uniquely, key styles include matching patterned sets, striped hoodies and track pants. From soft trench coats to cruelty-free puffer jackets, the collection does not exclude footwear. Detailed hiking boots of bold colours explore the contrast of high and low. Additionally, sneakers and comfy dad sandals are available.

Furthermore, ‘Stella McCartney Est.2001’ and ’23 Old Bond Street – London’ are new additions to the logo. In fact, these can be seen on sweatshirts, T-shirts and a tote bag.

Photo Credit: Stella McCartney

The campaign is led by actor Leo Wu, alongside a cohort of next-gen Chinese creators. The unisex collection promotes finding and using voices of the rising generations. Indeed, the youth are seen dancing, laughing and lying in an empty park in campaign images.

Notably, the graphics are inspired by urban-utopian fantastic. This was done in collaboration with London-based illustrator and comic-book artist Will Sweeney.

      Photo Credit: The Drum

Sustainable Fashion

Of course, staying true to McCartney’s commitment to sustainability, the collection is environmentally friendly. As a matter of fact, the brand has been a leader in sustainable fashion. To clarify, leathers, furs, exotic skins or feathers have never been used. In the same way, #StellaShared jersey t-shirts and sweatshirts are made from 100% organic cotton. Equally, polyester was recycled to form the collection’s parkas.

Stella McCartney Shared is available now here.

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