Watch G Flip Perform Her Fiercely Feminine New Song ‘Unapologetic’

Singer, songwriter, and producer G Flip has shared a stripped-back acoustic version of her new song ‘Unapologetic’.

Photo Credit: VENTS Magazine

The new song was written by the Melbourne singer for the underwear company BONDS and their ‘Unplugged’ campaign that promotes it’s ‘Bloody Comfy Undies’ which are made for girls to wear during their period.

Before diving into the performance G Flip (Georgia Flipo) told audiences the meaning behind her song.

“It’s about loving yourself and being unapologetically you, even if you’ve got your period.”

G Flip is the first of six music artists that will be releasing a song for the BONDS ‘Bloody Comfy Undies’ campaign which were all written whilst on their periods. Artists joining the campaign include Georgia Maq, Ali Barter, Montaigne, Kira Puru, and Alice Skye.

BONDS ‘Unplugged’ will be releasing a new song from a different artist each night this week at 7pm AEST. Georgia Maq and Alice Skye have already performed their songs with more amazing music on the way.

‘Unapologetic’ is G Flip’s first new original song since the release of her single ‘Hyperfine’ which was accompanied by an animated music video released in the middle of this year. She also featured on Illy’s new single ‘Loose Ends’ and released a new version of ”Hyperfine’ with LoveLeo.

Talking about her song ‘Hyperfine’, G Flip explained the struggles that can arise in a relationship and how to deal with them. “I wrote this song after having silly little bickering fights with my partner. In relationships, it’s so common to say “it’s fine” when it’s really not fine. If you care about someone, talk to them.”

Photo Credit: triple j

G Flip has also been very busy participating in many livestreams during the COVID-19 lockdown including the ‘Wear It Purple Day’ Pride Party, appearing on episodes of ‘The Sound’, MTV’s ‘Unplugged at Home’, ‘The State Of Music’ livestream, and many more.

In terms of touring, G Flip has had to postpone her regional Australian tour due to COVID-19 which was scheduled for May. The artist is yet to release new dates for her regional tour with the current state of the ongoing pandemic.

Listen to all the ‘Bloody Comfy Undies’ campaign songs below.


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