The Rise Of Plus Size Clothing: What Are The Changes In The Fashion Industry?

No matter you are a size 6 or size 30, you may feel struggle to find your size. But now size inclusivity and body positivity are an increasingly important topic in the fashion industry. We all can finally look stunning without facing the sizing grapple.

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There is no doubt that fashion is shaping the way for people, particularly women on thinking how they ought to look like. Slim bodies have become a normalized visual. However, the reality is that’s not the body of an average woman, it’s just whats fed to us as an ideal appearance.

Inclusivity and diversity are the new fashion watchwords that mean the industry is targeting a new generation. So we can notice a social switch on young-shoppers by embracing our body. According to the Department of Health, two thirds (67%) of Australian adults were obese. As the growth of plus size womenswear is driven by the rising obesity rate. It is a trend to increase body confidence among plus-size customers and develop a better media representation of different body shapes.

“Pressure is mounting on retailers that don’t cater to those in need of larger sizes. This is being driven by social media. Those that don’t offer their products in a broad range of sizes are now often criticised for not being inclusive”, Samantha Dover, a senior retail analyst told Drapers.

Inclusive sizing is a fashion necessity

To understand why retailers and designers are comprising inclusive sizing, you may consider what you can choose when you are in size 30. The clothes that are available are normally neither trendy nor fancy. Also, anyone that beyond a size 20 needed something, they will have to dig for it. This comes with a side of shame towards the person’s body.

Good news is brands are leading a change for the plus and inclusive sizing. But first of all, let’s clarify that plus and inclusive doesn’t mean the same thing. Inclusive sizing generally meaning a brand offer both straight sizes and plus sizes, which means any item sold should be available in all sizes. While plus sizes are extended sizing (maybe an XXL) that usually come with only 2-3 pieces in a collection of 20 garments.

Take a look at what size-inclusive brands that you can shop in Australia:

Cotton On




Body beautiful

To prove that everyone has a body that deserves to dress up, the fashion industry should make this simple: to offer more products. The less alienation of a group of people, the better chance of friendliness in the diverse and inclusive environment. We are all worthy to have access to a different possibility in fashion, having experience in high quality clothing.

“[We] requires a shift in the collective mindset and a truly holistic approach to everything we do”, Patrick Herning told Shopify, who is a leader of size-inclusive fashion.

It is notable that brands are starting to cater to the plus-size market, but it still a long way to go for the fashion industry before all customers are represented.

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