Prada X Adidas Unveil The New Superstar Sneaker Collaboration

It’s the 50th-anniversary for the iconic Adidas Superstar and Adidas is teaming up with Prada for a limited collection that set alight for all sneaker’s lover.

Photo Credit: Daman

The classic three-strip Adidas sneaker is a continuing collaboration between the two fashion leaders. In November last year, Prada and Adidas released their first collaborative sneaker; an all-white trainer, the ‘Optic White’ rendition of the Superstar. After the first successful sneaker stint, both companies have already reunited for the three new colourways of the classic silhouette.

Prada and Adidas came together to recreate the Superstar sneaker in full-grain leather. With just the two brands’ logos and ‘Made in Italy’ stamped on the side, its simplicity brings a subtle original design. The Superstars will be available in a trio new colourway: monochrome black, white and black and chrome silver with white. Other areas for branding will also be at the insole and at the tongue.

Photo Credit: Grazia

Combining the lexicon of luxury with the language of high-performance sportswear in the style of shoe and its unique and ground-breaking. It is designed for a new decade with a new point of view. The Pradarised Superstar emphasises the quality of both brands, along with the innate respect for heritage and a passion for the sport.


Prada’s simplicity in joining the complex world

Back in1969, the unisex Adidas Originals Superstar was first introduced as an ultimate on-court sneaker. It was designed to revolutionise and transform the footwear industry. Till now, it bears the famous ‘Made in Italy’ stamp alongside the dual logos on every pair. At first glance, the aesthetics of this pair of sneakers doesn’t seem to justify the price ($750). There are no innovative approaches, no distinctive printing or even design. Instead, they are celebrating the minimalism.

You may notice it is a concoction designed to sell as this Prada Superstar sneaker is a real bargain for fans of the genre. Usually, a pair of Prada cotton canvas sneakers cost $975 and some futuristic design cost up to $1200. So, it is no doubt that this pair of shoes is one of the most coveted as soon as it comes out.

Attention on its craftmanship

The Superstar collaboration of Prada and Adidas was designed by Prada shoe manufacturers in Italy. Using the higher-end materials that are usually used for the famous sneakers. They also featured calfskin leather and a lightweight rubber sole with supported seams. Moreover, the hot-printed ‘Made in Italy’ is appreciating the craftsmanship of the artisans involved in the production. Therefore, the $750 will likely not to deter sneaker lovers from snapping up a pair all over the world.

Are you willing to pay for a pair of designer sneakers? Do you think this pair of shoes is worth its price? I believe it is a timeless item that won’t call for re-design, rather provoke a very cool reconsideration.

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