Can You Imagine Wearing Glasses Made From Grass?

Australian favourite Le Specs has released a sustainable collection that is an inspiring and innovative approach to sunglasses. Introducing Le Sustain, a new range of environmental friendly sunglasses made from grass.

Photo Credit: Hypebeast

Sustainability is a prominent issue across the fashion industry, certainly not a new topic of conversation anymore. The Le Specs creative director, Hamish Tame, lead a team that pushed boundaries and paved the way to a greener industry; bringing their latest launch to a fashion innovation.

Le Specs released their Le Sustain collection that was made with the aim to minimise the environmental impact. The series is sourced from completely sustainable materials, including recycled plastic and meadow grass, packaged in a recycled jersey pouch, recycled cardboard box and swing tag, eliminating ll polybags and excess packaging. Its featured D-frame and Bandwagon are made from 23% of meadow grass and 77% recycled plastic.

“The material we used had a lot of structural and aesthetic limitations, so we were continually workshopping solutions to overcome and make sure that quality was never compromised,” Hamish Tame told Icon.

Photo Credit: Le Specs

Young power fosters change

Sustainable practices in the fashion industry are significantly driven by Millennials and Gen Z. A UNiDAYS survey revealed that 82% of Gen Z are more likely to buy a product if it is environmentally friendly. With the focus on Gen Z, Le Specs is concerning on the proactive generation that involved to make changes.

“I am so excited that Gen-Z as an entire generation is so open to challenging the way we live and consume for a more sustainable future.  I think that previous generations have liked the idea of being more environmentally friendly, but not necessarily if it came at the cost of their lifestyle, and this is the first generation with the tools to make their voices heard,” Hamish told 10 Magazine.

Le Specs found its way as a platform speaking to the young generation. As well as a huge effort to shape the future of sustainable fashion. Are you the one that inspires others to take action? Do you have any idea what grass can make?

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