Nike Is Releasing Its First Maternity Collection

Nike is releasing its first maternity collection this month that is meant to suit all stages of pregnancy and through motherhood.

Photo Credit: Nike

Titled Nike (M), the new capsule collection is made up of four pieces. These include a pullover, a swoosh bra, a tank and a pair of tights. The bra includes layers, giving easy access for breastfeeding or pumping. Furthermore, the leggings give the option of covering or not covering the stomach. Additionally, the shirt has extra material to allow for extra room. The pieces focus on great fit, support and comfort during the progresses of pregnancy.

Carmen Zolman, Nike’s Senior Design Director for Apparel Innovation said:

“The more we listened to expecting mothers and postpartum mothers, the more we learned, reworked and innovated through inclusive design.”

The Design Process

Photo Credit: Nike

Extensive research went into the collection. Nike (M) was created from data findings of more than 150,000 scans of non-pregnant women against those who are pregnant. And 30 female athletes who were pregnant or postpartum gave detailed feedback on the fit, feel and functionality.

Of course, pregnancy is a long journey beyond nine months. Moreover, the relationship between a woman’s body and sport may be difficult for some mothers trying to find the support. The campaign promotes the notion of being kind to yourself.

Athlete Alex Morgan emphasises the importance of supporting women on their journeys to and through motherhood.

“Postpartum is one of those areas that really gets forgotten.”

Photo Credit: Nike

Similarly, golfer Michelle Wie West spoke about appreciating her body postpartum:

“I loved how soft the tights were and the fact that if you were a size medium before, you could be a size medium in the Nike (M) line. It takes the guesswork out of everything and it boosts your confidence. It’s like skin: it’ll just shrink back. It grows with you. It decreases in size with you. I love that it’s part of your journey.”

Not to mention, the collection is also designed with sustainable materials. Pieces range from about 78%-88% recycled polyester.

Nike (M) launches online on September 17.

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