‘Family Comes First’: Coaches’ Latest Fashion Theme is ‘Togetherness’

2020 has made life more unpredictable than it already is. Every step we take, there is that brimming fear that it can collapse into a turmoil of bad events. When everything around you seems cursed, the only realistic aspect to you is your family. And Coach’s latest fashion campaign titled ‘Coach family’ is exactly the kind of warmth we need during a year like this.

Photo Credit: Lofficiel Singapore

“What does a modern family look like? There is not one single definition,” Lopez takes a moment away from the bliss of the shoot to explain what the true essence of a modern family really is.

“It’s not about perfection, it’s about acceptance—where everyone can be their true, authentic selves around each other. I mean, look at us”, she added while speaking with Harpers Bazaar.

The American label has shown us another side to Lopez that goes beyond the glamour and shine; It hits closer to home. The latest fall ads feature J-Lo with her 12-year-old twins –  Emme and Max Muñiz, and the singer’s own mother, Guadalupe Rodríguez.

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Lensed by Ryan McGinley, the pictures involve: the family sitting at a table in a sun-kissed field, striking mountains standing tall with pride, a backyard that reeks of emotions and a small picnic with big smiles on the faces. The setup looks light-hearted but most importantly expresses the definition of a family. The kind that stays with you no matter how hard life hits you.

And that’s the promise ‘Coach’ is delivering to you with their latest fashion campaign. The trust and guarantee to invest in their clothing line. And to me, that sounds like a genuinely good tactic to reach the heart of the customer.

Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar

And this isn’t the first time that Fashion used Family as a theme to reach people. The ‘Family-matters-kinda-campaign’ has worked throughout history. Remember the Kardashians? Spotlight has never left them and vice-versa. Their personal affairs have always been on the public domain and it was Calvin Klein’s ‘Our Family, #MyCalvins’ campaign, back in 2018 that put all the Kardashian sisters under one frame.

They stripped down the Kardashians to the basic notion they were mostly celebrated for, ‘Family’ and that’s what mattered in the campaign.

Photo Credit: Mega One Mega

Coming back to 2020, Coachs’ idea of casting this modern family – those we are born into and that we choose with time targets everyone out there. And that’s what makes this campaign globally-relatable. Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers candid with Mega stated,

“At this moment, it feels important to re-examine our values. To me, fashion, at its best, has always been about community, creativity, and building lasting relationships. Because for the creative, the family will forever and always be a source of inspiration as it is authentic and timeless.”

The campaign goes over a series of unfiltered stills and short shots those are inspired by classic home videos from the 70s. All these shots capture the essence and optimism of this New York based brand, which is on a mission to deliver warmth and understanding to people.

“Coach has given me an opportunity to reflect on three generations of love and appreciate the blessings that I have. In a year like this year, where there is so much chaos, so much change and uncertainty happening all around us, the family is all about having a constant source of love and light for each other. I have never felt so close to my family or so dependent and needing them as I have during this time in my life”, said Lopez.

What’s interesting is that J-Lo will soon add more people to her clan. Her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, and his two daughters, Natasha and Ella Rodriguez. While the couple’s marriage plans have come to an halt due to the pandemic, they are embracing the smaller things that brings them joy. Because those minor imperfections define today’s modern family.

Photo Credit: COMPLEX

And importantly, love shall prevail.

Not just J-LO, the superstar Michael B. Jordan with his squad are also on the set to depict their unbreakable bonds with their families. Even Kiko Mizuhara and her younger sister Yuka share a lovely moment with their cats Chiccho and Bambi.

B. Jordan claims to L’OFFICIEL that, “Togetherness and family are really important right now. For me, my family and friends are my support system. They’re what keep me going and keep me motivated to work hard, lead by example and be the best version of myself. I was thrilled to work with Coach on this campaign focused on family and relationships — because they are the things that really matter.”

Coach’s 2020 campaign is a means of celebration and acknowledging inclusiveness of the family. If that doesn’t fill you up with optimism and emotions, then nothing else will.

Remember that times can be hard, the world is constantly changing due to adversity but family remains constant.

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