Burberry Summer/Spring Collection 2021 Will Be Livestreamed on Twitch

Burberry will be utilising online platform Twitch to showcase their anticipated Spring/Summer 2020 show. 

Burberry Becomes The First London Fashion Week Show To Make Its Debut On Twitch | Grazia Middle East
Photo Credit: Grazia Middle East

Despite being an online platform that is mostly used by gamers to stream video game content, the British luxury brand will become the first luxury brand to stream their S/S 2020 In Bloom collection on the site. Burberry has made previous headlines for their technological choices as they were the first luxury brand to livestream their show back in 2010. However due to the restrictions of the Coronavirus pandemic, there were no live audiences and everyone was given the virtual, exclusive ‘front row seat’ treatment. 

They held their S/S2020 collection in the woods and glimpses of water as they strived to reconnect fashion statements with the natural world around them and allow the audience to immerse themselves in the British elements. As Twitch has the unique feature of a Squad Stream function, guests are given the opportunity to view the walk from a different perspective, providing a new and refreshing participation of the show that cannot simply be done in real life. Burberry explains that alongside the chat function, guests will be able to interact with each other to create a “personal, inclusive experience.”

Burberry’s first Twitch stream was a wild success as they recorded nearly 43 thousand viewers who tuned in for the walkway. This goes to show that online platforms such as Twitch is not solely limited to gamers but can be used as a tool of innovation, especially within the Covid-19 context.

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