VNCCII Takes Us To New Dimensions With Single ‘Take You Higher’

Multidisciplinary electronic artist VNCCII is a rising force in the music industry releasing immersive and expressive music that holds depth and is rich in meaning. With the release of ‘Take You Higher’, this impressive artist is here to prove she can consistently produce stand-out tracks with each new release.

Photo Credit: VNCCII

Experimentative with her sound VNCCII incorporates aspects of sci-fi with high energy, club-ready, anthemic, bass-heavy tunes. Always bringing forth an authentic vision and fresh sound, this multifaceted artist breaks boundaries exploring a multitude of platforms including music, gaming, audio-visual, technology, and fashion. Holding deep meaning that transcends the sounds heard throughout her track, ‘Take You Higher’, represents self-empowerment and liberation in a world gone awry.

The new self-produced single is an electro-pop banger sent to transport us to better days, injecting some much-needed positivity into the hopelessness that has encompassed 2020 thus far. Ambient and atmospheric, this upbeat tune takes you on a journey with slow beginnings that progress into an energetic uplifting electro-charged bop. With vibrating synths, spacious sounds of electronica, and VNCCII’s soaring vocals taking centre stage, this all-encompassing track  is emotive and evocative creating bursts of positivity that definitely take us higher than ever before.

Photo Credit: VNCCII

VNCCII has also released an accompanying music video that features her signature 3D Cyborg avatar exploring a utopian paradise that guides her to new outer-worldly dimensions. As her avatar ventures through spacious surroundings that transport the character through time and space, she becomes enlightened discovering her true potential.

“This song/video represents the avatar’s journey of self-belief and empowerment. At the heart of this story, she comes to the epiphany that she should step unapologetically into her true powers, in order to take herself higher. Especially in 2020, all of us should look within to realise our own value and inner power, by reconnecting with our true selves,” the artist said.

“The end scene where the viewer sees the young VNCCII avatar wearing the same high-tech magic shoes highlights the cyclical nature of this story, reinforcing the message that the power had lied within her this whole time.”

This new single marks the artist’s second release for 2020 following her ‘Dangerous Love’ single earlier this year. With a series of releases under her belt, there’s no denying this highly talented artist will be back with more euphoric music to both mesmerise and entrance us in the future.

Holding strong storytelling skills that echo throughout her songs, VNCCII has the ability to create vivid soundscapes that have an explorative nature taking her music above and beyond. Layered together with impeccable electronic pop sounds, ‘Take You Higher’ holds a pertinent message for us all to persevere through tough times and find the light that shines within.

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