Aeora Releases New Captivating Single ‘Breathe’

Melbourne artist Aeora has released an explorative new single ‘Breathe’ that reflects on past relationships and the tempest of emotion that comes with heartbreak.  

Aeora | Photo Credit: Michelle He

With slow atmospheric beginnings, airy instrumentals, and soulful vocals this heartbreak ballad slowly progresses into a dark and brooding electronic track with a fierce and fiery touch. Taking a turn into the world of dark-pop Aeora explores multifaceted soundscapes in her new song, morphing soft glimmering indie-pop amongst edgy electronica. Intensely emotional this new track was written by the artist through a tough breakup shedding light on her experience of loss and misery that ultimately helped her grow as an individual, “I’m better now, learning how to breathe.

Photo Credit: OpenSea

Produced and mixed by Haux, this talented artist effortlessly blends elements of light and dark in her new song with the addition of stunning instrumentals and varied sonic elements. Talking about the track and how it helped her grow as a person post-heartbreak, Aeora explains how she feels liberated after completing the song.

“I think ‘Breathe’ is the most real song I’ve ever written,” she says. “I wrote it in an instant, about one moment with someone, and yet I think it changes for me every time I listen to it. The song really came to life while working with Jack (Haxx) when he added that epic string section, and I knew I had to record it live. Thanks to Newmarket Studios and the women of Newmarket Collective, we recorded a live string quartet.”

“I think at that point the meaning of the song completely changed for me – from lyrically being about my experience of the breakup, to realising this transformation I’d gone through to get to this point. The song constantly gives me shivers and for me, I think that means it’s real and says exactly what I needed to say.”

Photo Credit: Bandcamp

‘Breathe’ comes with an accompanying music video that is hauntingly captivating featuring the artist distorting her body as the mood of the song progresses into darkness. Symbolic of the pain and suffering inflicted through her experience with heartbreak, this entrancing new video finishes with an enlightened Aeora as she finally learns “how to breath”.

This track is Aeora’s second single release for 2020 keeping the rising singer, songwriter, and producer busy this year. The artist first hit the scene releasing music in 2016 until she took a break in 2018 to perfect her sound and craft. Her new release earlier this year called ‘Give It’ was her first single in two years with the addition of ‘Breathe’ now proving the artist is making a glorious comeback. Her enthralling pop sound has strengthened over time with more mesmeric music sure to grace our ears in the future.

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