UNIQLO Introduces RE.UNIQLO Sustainability Initiative

In a world full of fast fashion, UNIQLO has introduced RE.UNIQLO which will recycle second hand clothes. 

Photo Credit: UNIQLO

UNIQLO has made the first vital steps in becoming environmentally friendly by collecting second hand clothes to recycle them for better uses. Through their circular sustainability program, RE.UNIQLO will collect second-hand UNIQLO clothes and donate them to people in need or reuse them as soundproofing material and fuel. This particular initiative is also in collaboration with organisations such as the United Nations Refugee Agency, NGOS, and NPOS to provide these clothes to those in both disaster areas and refugee camps. 

The Japanese brand has started collecting garments since 2006 where it is then cleaned, sorted and donated. However, since 2019 they have introduced a separate collection for their popular down jackets, recording 620,000 donations just last year in Japan. They then separated the down from the fabric to create a new, 100% recycled jacket. This jacket will hit the stores in Japan and (some international stores) on November 2nd. 

All UNIQLO products are fit for donations so long as they are clean. As society becomes more socially aware, RE.UNIQLO is one of the many ways that the brand is combating fast fashion and becoming completely environmentally friendly.

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