Emmit Fenn Releases New Dance-Floor Ready Single ‘Who Dat’

Berkeley raised, LA-based, singer, songwriter, and producer Emmit Fenn has dropped an infectious new single ‘Who Dat’ that emanates electronic energy set for crowded dancefloors in the pandemic free future. This groove infused tune that becomes more addictive with every beat highlights Emmit’s versatility as an artist incorporating new sounds throughout his music production. 

Photo Credit: Monroe Alvarez

Beginning with distorted voice samples Emmit swiftly turns up the heat with deep pulsating bass, funky beats, hypnotic electronic sounds, and low-frequency vocals that make this song an absolute electro-dance banger. Melding a variety of sonic elements including high pitched flutes, atmospheric crowd noises, and percussive bells, this bop is an all-encompassing and extremely immersive new release. Smooth and breezy ‘Who Dat’ is full of vibrancy being characterised by its chest-thumping bass and popping beats that make you want to get up and move with this tune set on repeat.

Inspired by a confident pigeon on the streets of New York City, Emmit brings imagination to his single as we visualise a bird walking fearlessly to this energetic beat. Talking about ‘Who Dat’, Emmit explains how he channelled the swagger of this bird into his fierce electronic single that came effortlessly to the multi-talented artist:

“I was in New York a couple of months ago for work and one of my favorite things to do in my free time is to just walk around aimlessly. I love New York in that way. At one point, I was playing super groovy old house music for some reason and while I was listening I saw this pigeon just walking to the beat of the song. I had never seen something so confident before. Honestly, I think in the moment I just really wanted to be that pigeon.”

“I went back to where I was staying that night, pulled out my laptop, and made a song about the pigeon. It must of taken me no longer than 30 minutes.”

Photo Credit: Supplied

When talking about the inspiration behind his music Emmit explains how he draws influence from mundane objects or obscure occurrences in life that bring him creative flair and ultimately showcase his musical finesse.

“I think a lot of people think my music is about relationships or these really emotional experiences but in reality, they’re usually about things like seeing a pigeon across the street and getting jealous of its confidence.”

Photo Credit: Ones To Watch

The essence of this song is shown in an animation created by Patrick Jean showcasing a pigeon bopping along to this tune with absolute confidence and enthusiasm. Emmit has said this video captured the vibe of ‘Who Dat’ perfectly with the artist amazed by Jean’s animation skills.

“For the animation, I reached out to my friend Patrick Jean who is an absolutely insane animator, every time I have the opportunity to work with him he blows me away.”

“I think it was just an opportunity for both of us to create something purely for the fun of it. It ended up becoming a super collaborative project as well, the pigeon would do things that we wanted to be emphasized so I would end up changing the song to fit it. I’m still absolutely blown away by how it turned out.”

Over the past few years, Emmit has proven himself an artist that is versatile in the sounds he creates with this song packing more energy than his previous slower electro-indie releases. From producing songs for the likes of Billie Eilish and Ry X to amassing over 100 million Spotify streams, Emmit is an artist that is rising to the top with his groundbreaking music. With his debut album set for 2021, we’ll all be eagerly awaiting more new music from Emmit Fenn in the near future.

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