The xx’s Romy Releases Her Debut Solo Single ‘Lifetime’

Romy Madley Croft from the English indie-pop band The xx has dropper her first electro-charged solo single ‘Lifetime’. Releasing her new track under the name Romy, this euphoric new bop is sure to get the party started once the world finally opens up again. 

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Taking a step away from the atmospheric and ambient sounds heard in The xx‘s catalogue of music, Romy brings to the table euphoric club-ready pop tunes that reflect a different side to her previous music-making. Kaleidoscopic and energetic this track melds together elements of electronica and dance with strong poppy beats and angelic vocals that are completely immersive. Sending us higher and higher ‘Lifetime‘ is both ecstatic and elating with hypnotic touches as she intertwines hyper-pop with upbeat bubbly electro sounds.

“I’ve always loved club classics that unite a room, big emotional dance songs, that you can sing along to as well. I’m excited to have the opportunity to show my love for dance music with ‘Lifetime’,” said Romy about her new song.

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Written and recorded in London during lockdown, this new vibrant track features production from Jamie xx, Fred Again, Jay Anonymous, and Marta Salogni who all bring their unique touch to Romy’s new banger. Thanking her collaborators Romy said she was inspired by their contributions to the single:

“I loved working with a very talented and inspiring group of people on this song, thank you so much Fred again.., Marta Salogni, Joy Anonymous and Jamie xx. I had dreamt that we could be dancing in a room together to this song by now, but until then I hope you can dance to it wherever you are!”

In a statement, Romy talked about the inspiration behind the song saying she was influenced by the beauty of life and seizing its bright and beautiful moments. Being in lockdown made the artist realise the fleeting moments in life are the one’s to be cherished:

“I’ve been thinking a lot about how short life is and how quickly things can change. My intention with this song is to celebrate life, togetherness, to appreciate the moment before it’s gone.”

“I think subconsciously the upbeat energy of the song is a reaction to the stillness and anxiety I was feeling in lockdown. I was missing the pace of the outside world, spontaneous moments, the euphoria of dance floors, of love and connections with my friends and family. I realised when everything was stripped back, simple moments of togetherness, meant the most to me.”

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As well as this entrancing new single, Romy has also been working on her first solo album which she hopes to release in the near future. The artist says the new album is inspired by Ibiza house and trance music which will be very club orientated.

“I ended up with all these songs so I’m going to release a solo album under my name. It’s just going to be under Romy. I’m hopefully going to be releasing it soon. I have loads of songs and I feel excited to try something new.”

“I guess one of the main inspirations and things that I love is club classics – Ibiza house, trance music, stuff that you can really dance to but also sing along to.

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With a new release that both excites and enthrals listeners and a new album on the way, Romy is only beginning her solo career creating a unique and personal sound that is different to her usual music. Experimenting with sounds her new single ‘Lifetime’ is light-hearted and danceable making it the perfect tune to help us forget the persistent gloom of 2020. All we can do now is eagerly await more stunning new music from Romy in the near future.

Watch Romy’s psych-infused lyric video for her single ‘Lifetime’ below.

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