SLUMBERJACK Release New Single ‘Poison’ With Sydnee Carter

Renowned electronic duo SLUMBERJACK have joined forces with indie-pop singer-songwriter Sydnee Carter on this new energetic single ‘Poison’. 

Poison | Photo Credit: Supplied

In the past, SLUMBERJACK have worked alongside Sydnee Carter on their 2017 single ‘Afraid, Unafraid’ from their successful EP, Fracture. Following a collection of releases and remixes this year, SLUMBERJACK are back with a fresh collaborative tune that gets better and better with each new listen.

Melding sonic elements that feel dark and broody, this new release is an exhilarating listen weaving together electrifying drops, pulsating synths, atmospheric electronic sounds, heavy bass, ambient beats, and heavenly vocals. SLUMBERJACK has a stunning ability to produce stellar electronic tracks that always pack a punch and entrance the listener with their layering of sounds, beats, and melodies. Evoking a sense of emotion this track is a certified banger lingering in our ears from the very first listen.

SLUMBERJACK | Photo Credit: The AU Review

Venturing into new territory Sydnee Carter talks about exploring darker themes in ‘Poison’ which excited the artist from the get-go as she experimented with different styles in music;

“With this track I was totally inspired by writing something different, the vibe of the song was quite dark and coincidentally at that time I was binge watching the TV series ‘Supernatural’. I found being involved in writing something outside of my comfort zone very exciting and we were all stoked with the end result.” 

Sydnee Carter | Photo Credit: Scenestr

Once COVID-19 decides to take an extended vacation, this fresh bop is ready to send shockwaves through a crowd at your nearest festival or live gig. Talking about this new single the Perth duo said ‘Poison’ encompasses the polished sound that they have been working towards their entire career hailing a big step up in their music creation.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve felt this in tune with a track – it represents everything we’ve been working towards as musicians over the years. Sonically it’s the first time we really felt like we nailed what we call jokingly in the studio the “hi-def” sound. It’s supposed to feel like a pleasant wind. Musically it’s a step into a new era, bringing with us all the amazing stuff we’ve learnt along the way. And of course the incredible vocals of Sydnee Carter who we knew we had to work with again.”


This talented duo boasts a rich musical career garnering 100+ million streams on Spotify to date, as well as holding certified Gold records for both their 2014 SLUMBERJACK EP and hit single ‘Fracture’. Playing their first live show in July called ‘WA Unlocked’ following eased restrictions in Western Australia, the pair have been keeping busy through live streams and songwriting with more thrilling music sure to come. Set to prompt international praise from press and fans alike, ‘Poison’ marks the first of many more releases from SLUMBERJACK with their perfected sound set to take us through to better days.

Buy/stream ‘Poison’ (feat. Sydnee Carter) here.

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