Japan Is Finally Opening Their Borders

Despite the Coronavirus, Japan has started discussing the possibility in opening up the borders again for international travel. 

Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

Japan is currently set to open their borders for international travellers as the country has successfully curbed a rise in new cases. It currently has an advisory for 159 countries but is giving priority to 10 countries that report a low number of Covid-19 cases. These places include Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, China, and Singapore. However, normal restrictions will still be in place where returning citizens and travellers are expected to self quarantine for 14 days and not be allowed to use public facilities. There is also a cap of 1,000 passengers per day to prevent overcrowding and potential outbreaks. 

The reopening of borders will happen in three phases: first to business and essential travellers, second to students and finally to tourists.  As of October 1st, Japan has reported 83,010 infected cases with 1,564 deaths, a relatively small number compared to global cases and Japan is finally opening its borders to the world. 

Big Japanese tourists spots have also started to open up and the government has also implemented a domestic subsidy program to stimulate tourism. 

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