GENES Shares New Infectious Pop Song ‘Super Single’

Queensland based artist GENES has released an electro-pop-infused song ‘Super Single’ that grabs your attention from the very first beat. Catchy and glimmering with upbeat verses, this new tune has you clicking repeat every time. 

Photo Credit: Pilerats

Fun and poppy ‘Super Single’ is a liberating anthem that celebrates single life, being independent, and making moves on your own. With a punchy beat, groovy rhythms, and electronic touches, this track is fun and incredibly infectious with each new listen. Bringing effervescence to this new sound GENES celebrates freedom in the most energetic and danceable of ways.

With a funky fresh feel, this artist makes single life sound absolutely fabulous. Talking about her song and feeling a new sense of freedom GENES said, “This song is me embracing my singlehood and living my best life.”

“It’s fun, it’s not taking itself seriously, and it’s carefree – exactly how my life has been the last year. I’ve had the best 12 months of my life, and they’ve been spent completely single. I love having crushes and mutual fun with no commitment. I love the independence,” she said.

Photo Credit: NME

GENES has been busy this year with ‘Super Single’ being her third release after ‘When I’m Around You’ and ‘Better’. With each song exploring personal issues such as breakups and relationships, this new track shows the artist is embracing her newfound relationship status enjoying being free on her own.

Talking about the meaning behind her previous releases the artist said ‘When I’m Around You’ talks about meeting someone new and the excitement behind it, “Sometimes you don’t even have to talk about feelings to know,” she explains. “It’s just in the eye contact that lasts a little longer than normal, the built-up chemistry on the drive home, the late-night texts that feel a bit too comfortable.”

In contrast, ‘Better’ reflects on the darker side to relationships and the pain felt throughout, “When I wrote ‘Better’ I was in the thick of a breakup and thought the bad feels would never end,” she said.

Photo Credit: Purple Sneakers

Australian singer Brendan Maclean also helped GENES find inspiration for this new Bop with Rory Noble (Kanye West and Tinashe) also co-writing and producing the song.

In the near future, a space inspired music video will follow this stunning new track directed by Amelia Burke with production design by Liv Hutley. The video shows the artist dating in the alien world in an other-worldly environment and was created under a triple j Unearthed and National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) initiative that linked up with seven artists to make their music video dreams come true.

Working with everyone from Young Franco and Donatachi to Sam Bluer and Kilter, this artist is emerging as a pop queen who can’t be stopped with each new release sounding better than the last. Releasing euphoric singles GENES is sure to impress us in the future with more enthralling music to get us through to better days.

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