Rihanna Drops New Lingerie Line in Savage x Fenty Show Vo2

Rihanna makes a return with the Savage x Fenty Vo2 and does not hold back as we greet both old and new faces celebrating diversity and inclusivity in a lingerie extravaganza. 

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Rihanna has once again revolutionised the fashion walk and standards of beauty with the big, beautiful spectacle and celebration of women and men with her new line of lingerie. The Savage x Fenty Vo2 overcame the barriers of COVID-19 and were able to go ahead in an explosive extravaganza as we were greeted with everyone imaginable, ranging from fan favourite reality stars to supermodels and drag queens.

The show was streamed on Amazon Prime and filmed at the Los Angeles Convention Center, showcasing different sets of neon jungle to a seductive all black. Musical and dance performances were still part of the show mixed in with some documentary footage. Despite lacking a real live audience, the sheer excitement was no less as we were given a more intimate and elaborate scope into the vision of Savage x Fenty with interview clips that documented the creative journey of the new line and why it was so special this year. 

Diary of creativity

Some of the first pieces showcased include bras, underwear and bodysuits that are doodled with smiley faces, flowers, and hearts. Reminiscent to a school book, Rihanna shares that she was inspired by the idea of diaries as we see models such as Cara Delevingne rocking the symbolised look with chains and heels. Rihanna revealed that she is very much someone who prefers handwriting and wanted to incorporate a personal touch into the collection. 

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Men included

This particular Fenty showcase differs greatly with the first as we have seen more men included in the lineup. The men’s line was designed by Christian Combs and includes both underwear and loungewear. Though it may not have been as extensive as the female counterpart, the collection still introduced pieces such as boxers, briefs, robes, trunks to pyjamas and can be worn by both men and women!

Combs shared his excitement for the collection and Rihanna in the interview clips where he also bares that “being a Black man in America” is what makes him feel “savage, sexy, confident, and powerful” in true testament of the Fenty way. We were also able to see exciting male performances from celebrities such as Young Thug and Travis Scott who had their debut performance of ‘Franchise’ specially for the show. 

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More than a fad

Rihanna also discusses the idea of self expression, sexuality and confidence as she highlights the complicated nature of these profound issues. Finding the line that breaks sexuality from empowerment to exploitation is still a prevalent issue, especially within the Hollywood industry, and she shares that “Sometimes it’s tainted because you’ve had horrible experiences or been robbed of your own power.”

This is touched upon with Lizzo’s performance as her dance energy shifts from one of excitement to a disorientating, distorted reflection of self. Rihanna affirms that sexuality “has to be owned or earned” and that lingerie is not the only segway into true confidence. 


Virus influence

Even though the designs may have been created prior to the pandemic, Rihanna still incorporated influences from the virus seen with a performance of dancers wearing fishnets and masks. Despite the many difficulties that must have come up, Rihanna adds that the pandemic had a lot of introspection and actually allowed her creativity to bloom. 

Photo Credit: Victoria Bettencourt/Amazon Studios


Celebrity love

With the wide range of sets to accommodate the wide range of themes and style designs of the fashion icon, it is also no surprise she went all out with her performers, models and dancers. From barbie icon Paris Hilton to Rupaul’s drag race favourites Gigi Goode and Shea Coulee, everyone involved with the show showered Rihanna with love for her genuine passion in body confidence, sexuality and self expression.

Paris Hilton, who donned a bright pink fishnet set, compliments the star “What I love about this show is that everybody is beautiful, everybody is sexy… It’s celebrating everyone, and I think that’s incredible.”

Her vast lineup shows that Rihanna is set on creating positivity for everyone as she includes everyone of different age, gender, race, and size. 

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The Fenty x Savage Vo2 is now available to view on Amazon Prime!

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