The Blackpink Documentary is Now Available on Netflix

Netflix has recently released documentary film BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, revolving around the lives of the four young k-pop stars. 

Only available to Netflix, fans have the opportunity to watch a 79 minute video that documents the close and personal life of Jisoo, Lisa, Rose, and Jennie. It will highlight the arduous journey of their training period in YG Entertainment as well as their rise to stardom. Directed by Caroline Suh, we will see the intimate sides of the members as they discuss the high expectations that are held from them. The documentary will feature emotional interviews with the member themselves as well as never before seen footage. 

The documentary comes to its highlight when it discusses Blackpink’s immense success at Coachella. They show a surprisingly raw side to themselves as they reveal the sacrifices they had to make, leaving their home at a young age to daily grueling practice schedule, in hopes of fame and glory. This documentary not only shows the hardships that Blackpink has faced but also sheds the immensely competitive and cut-throat nature of the K-Pop industry. This cements the amazing capabilities of Blackpink to be able to prevail in South Korea and enter the Western market, a difficult feat especially for Asian people. 

This document is only available on Netflix and follows the release of their first official full album The Album.

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