Looop: H&M’s Answer to Sustainable Clothing

H&M is tackling fast fashion as they take the steps to becoming more sustainable.

Photo Credit: H&M

H&M have introduced a new recycling system called ‘Looop’ in the bid for sustainability. It is a machine that transforms worn and loved clothing into new statement pieces. It creates new clothing without the use of chemicals or water hence immensely reducing the environmental footprint to make it. H&M aims to become completely sustainable by 2030, by either sourcing more sustainable fabrics or to become completely recyclable. 

First the unwanted garment is fed into the machine where it is then washed, shredded into base fibers and then spun into yarn. Within 5 hours, the machine knits a completely new garment fit to wear. This 8-step recycling machine was created in collaboration with H&M and the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA). Though H&M is the only company to use this innovative technology, HKRITA is looking to license the technology to different industries and organisations to achieve true environmental sustainability.  

The first Looop machine dropped was introduced in Stockholm as the first in-store recycling system. It is open for public use and view where customers can see the actual demonstration of old garments turning into new. It will cost respectively $11USD and $17USD for loyalty/non-members. These proceeds are then used on further research in sustainable materials. 

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