Blessed with a rich musical pedigree, as daughter of the main songwriter of INXS fame Andrew Farriss itʼs no surprise that explosive newcomer Grace Farriss is making a name as a recording artist in her own right.

Her new single “All the people” is out now and the album is to follow shortly after in 2020.


                                                                           Interview by Claudia Fallon
Written by
Paul G Roberts and Claudia Fallon
Edited by Michelangelo Lia
Narrated by Paul G Roberts
Director – Paul G Roberts
Executive Producer – Jake Bugeja
Director of Photography – Jake Bugeja
Producer – Lauren Barrett
Sound – Laura Sherwood
Interviewer – Claudia Fallon
Camera Operator – Michelangelo Lia
Camera Operator – Lauryn Bennett
Camera Operator – Lucas Cheah


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