SEGA Says Goodbye to 60 Year Old Arcade Business

The prolific Japanese video game developing company, SEGA, is set to sell their arcade division. 

Photo Credit: Kokaze Production/Unsplash

SEGA has announced they will be saying to their arcade division. After 60 years of business, it is one of the most prominent gaming companies both domestically and internationally. However, due to the unrelenting effects of the pandemic, SEGA Entertainment has experienced a 20% loss in business. There is an estimated ¥20 billion loss for March 2021 for the huge gaming corporation. 

SEGA Sammy Holdings is part of the SEGA Entertainment and was created with the merger of SEGA and Sammy Corporation in 2004. SEGA Sammy Holdings currently own 193 game arcades in Japan however 85.1% of SEGA Sammy will be sold to Genda, a fellow game entertainment corporation. 

This deal is to take place in December for an undisclosed sum and will see the sale of 193 arcades across Japan. Genda will continue to carry on SEGA’s branding however as they hold majority any final decisions will be determined by them. 

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