The Fast and the Fabulous: Yohji Yamamoto and Lamborghini

Yohji Yamamoto and Lamborghini are staples of modern luxury and have made history with their fabulous and daring collaboration. Never has a sports-car exuded so much artistry and elegance.

Yohji Yamamoto x Lamborghini: Everything We Know
Yohji Yamamoto and Lamborghini collaborate with the new look Aventador S | Photo credit: Lamborghini


Yohji Yamamoto is an icon of the world of fashion, renowned for his comfortable yet confident chic. His collections never sexualise the female form but, rather, liberate the Yamamoto woman. But he never strays from sexiness. It is the concealment of the female form that excites. Imagination is alluring. Yamamoto’s designs have always been ambitious and powerful and his collaborations rarely stray from this trend.

Yamamoto revolutionised athleisure with the historical collaboration with Adidas, the very first designer to do so. But now he has pushed his designs to a new luxury. Automobile luxury. But before we get to the Yohji Yamamoto and Lamborghini collaboration, we must delve into the illustrious career of one of the world’s leading fashion designers.


Life in the Fabulous Lane

Yohji Yamamoto has been an immovable force in the fashion industry for over 50 years. His over-sized draping for the female form and his ingenious and innovative tailoring for men have been a staple for elegant fashion. As much as Yamamoto is considered the Patriarch of Black, his collections shine with an inspirational transcendence. He is truly royalty of modern fashion, revolutionising women’s fashion. The fashion industry has been polluted by a need to sexualise the female form, but Yamamoto is different. His unparalleled compassion for the opposite sex is stitched into every collection. Fashion is liberation, not inhibition.

The Yamamoto story has always sparked a deep, resounding demand for more from everyone here at Fashion Industry Broadcast. At the dawn of Yamamoto’s glorious career, however, the Japanese market had turned to the Westernised high fashion. Bright. Sensuous. Modern. But Yamamoto is a renegade of the fashion world and will never conform. Dark. Flowy. Avant-garde. He had changed the idea of sensuality forever, but he was far from done.

Born to Run

Athleisure is one of the most dominant fashion styles of the modern era. Simply, it is activewear for the everywhere, but nothing is ever that simple. Athleisure empowers men and women to be bold. To be confident. Powerful. Robust. It brings versatility and comfort to luxury fashion. Brands like Nike, Outdoor Voices, and Alala are all powerhouses of the athleisure world. But it was not always like this.

In October 2002, Yamamoto and Adidas announced a historical collaboration that would shape modern fashion forever. The Y-3 sneaker certainly revolutionised activewear with the very first amalgamation of fashion and sport, creating an innovative and influential design. In an Adidas press release, Hermann Deininger, Global Head of Adidas Brand and Creative Direction, declared:

Y-3 is innovative and a real fusion of sport functionality and fashion elegance based on the exceptional friendship that has blossomed between the two companies.

Ever since then, the world of fashion has changed. Every passing season brings with it a new, stylish sneaker and Adidas’ new collaboration with Kanye West just shows that athleisure is here to stay. However, Yamamoto is not one to dwindle into the shadows. From shoes, he had his sights set on a faster, slicker, more luxurious canvas.


Y-3 Sport Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Photo credit: Adidas.
Y-3 Sport Fall/Winter 2016 collection | Photo credit: Adidas.

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

The year 2020 has been a year of total disarray, anger and boredom, but Yamamoto has risen to the occasion. The designer’s Fall 2020 collection brought punk edginess to luxury fashion with a focus on reds, whites and, above all, blacks to show his iconic unconventional style. The world of fashion was hypnotised by Yamamoto so it comes as no surprise that luxury brands took notice.

The captivating designer took to Instagram to announce another compelling collaboration. This time, Yamamoto had his sights on the world’s leading luxury sports-car manufacturer, Lamborghini. Punk meets sleek. The exterior gleams an intense style that exudes an anti-fashion appeal from the chaotic strips of red, white and black mixed with the scratch of the Yamamoto name. Matched with inscriptions, taken from Yamamoto’s collections, that crawl across the science fiction-esque interior, we are left with an avant-garde sports-car. That is, truly, the power of Yamamoto. He melds styles that, at times, challenge each other to create masterpieces of modern art. Individuality. Timelessness. Luxury.


Interior of Yohji Yamamoto and Lamborghini's Aventador S. Photo credit: Lamborghini.
Interior of Yohji Yamamoto and Lamborghini’s Aventador S | Photo credit: Lamborghini.


Together, Yohji Yamamoto and Lamborghini have given us a glimpse of a futuristic and unconventional culture of sports-cars. But, if this red-hot collaboration is anything to go by, we are embarking on a new world of fashion, art and everything in-between. Are you ready?

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