A Shocker Of A Year, But There Were Some Good Things About 2020

2020 was a shocking year as most have acknowledged but nothing is ever so completely awful. There were some good things about 2020 to keep in mind.

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It hasn’t all been awful, it just feels like it. 2020 didn’t pull any punches but it still left some good things lying around. You just have to know where to look. Down below is a list of some of the good things that happened in 2020. Keep in mind that these don’t apply to everybody, but they do apply to somebody.


  1. Many people becoming far more aware and knowledgeable about the political process

Over the Trump presidency, many people began to educate themselves on how the process actually works. Most young people today are far more politically aware and involved than previous generations and that’s a good thing. If change is what people want, they are far more able to generate it using their knowledge of the political system. Knowing who to vote for and why feels more important than ever.


Climate protests at Town Hall in Sydney | Photo Credit: ABC News


It is now harder for politicians to manipulate those who remain politically ignorant as that demographic is shrinking. Instead of brushing something small aside, like for instance, a run-off Senate election in the US, people are aware of the impact that something like that small election can have. In this case, a majority control of the Senate. In the past, this would have been ignored by all but the dedicated and nothing would have changed.

Now, many people have a larger awareness of the world they live in and can direct their vote in ways that matter to them most. This is not limited to the US either. Australians are making their voice heard too, contributing both to Black Lives Matter protests and Climate protests.

  1. Learning to appreciate what we have

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The pandemic has stripped us of many things, a lot of which we took for granted. Never again will I walk into a pub without remembering that it could all be taken away just like that with no Saturday night in sight. Going out is more a privilege than it ever has been before. Not only has going out been affected, the reduced interaction with friends as a result allows us to appreciate the close friends and family that supported, and continue to support us through these tough times.



  1. Finding new hobbies and interests

NY TIMES | Hobbies - Simon Landrein
Photo Credit: NY TIMES | Hobbies – Simon Landrein


With so much time on our hands we had to find something to do once binging Netflix began to lose its appeal. Many people discovered a hidden talent, a new interest or hobby. Some people finally got to do things that they previously never had the time to do. Things like reading that book that’s been sitting on your shelf undisturbed for a month or painting the house. Some of us simply got to indulge in our hobbies, which is no bad thing.



  1. Working from home

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This might be a contentious point but for many people, having the option to work from home has been something employees have been asking for years. Now that it has been forced by the pandemic, working remotely has been made easier and more accessible for many people. People with disabilities have found this aspect to be particularly positive as many found the commute to an office difficult or in some cases impossible. Working from home has bypassed all of that.



  1. Parents understanding teachers and their children

Learning at home: Our big list of great resources
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Having their kids at home instead of at school has shown parents that their child might not be the angel they once thought they were. Parents have a new appreciation for the role teachers provide. Their children are not angels and are difficult to teach at times. This prevents some of the tension between teachers and parents during parent-teacher interviews.



  1. Before we know it, there is a vaccine for COVID-19

US FDA probing 'about five' allergic reactions to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine -  The Economic Times
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The vaccine for the mumps took roughly four years to develop. The COVID-19 vaccine has taken about a year. This is the fastest we’ve ever developed a vaccine. This is due to the cooperation of most nations in its development. In a year or so, we are beginning to see multiple options for vaccines. This means that there is finally light at the end of the COVID tunnel and that’s something to smile about.



  1. Carbon emissions dropped by a substantial amount

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - A Year of Living Better Guides - The  New York Times
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Global carbon dioxide emissions fell by 7% in 2020, the highest drop since the Second World War. Yes, this is due to the pandemic, but it also is due to the price of solar and wind energy dropping far more than experts had predicted. There are still reasons to be sceptical as the GFC also caused a drop in emissions only to spike again the following year. Still, it’s possible we may be seeing a trend.



  1. 2020 saw some great music releases


It’s actually been a great year for music. Dua Lipa released a good album and so did Lady Gaga. Australian indie rock had a good year with new releases from Spacey Jane and favourites Violent Soho. Megan Thee Stallion burst into the mainstream with ‘WAP’ and a new album all of her own. ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac re-entered the charts thanks to a viral TikTok, so that’s always nice.



  1. The Australian response to COVID-19

Australia's Response to COVID-19 - EMMA International
Photo Credit: EMMA International

While it hasn’t been perfect and there have been a few serious outbreaks, overall, the Australian response to the virus has allowed many citizens to continue a mostly normal life. Lockdowns have been taken seriously, and mask mandates are mostly adhered to. Even if there are still a few people complaining or claiming the virus isn’t real, for the most part, Australians are doing their bit to stop the spread. Compare Australia with the US or Europe and you realise that it is almost as good is it can be all things considered.


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