The Best Super Bowl Ads of 2021

The Super Bowl brings not just football, but commercials. Here are some of the best (as far as commercials go). 

Credit: The Today Show

T-Mobile’s ‘Rockstar 5G’

It’s a fun little jab at Gwen Stefani’s and Blake Shelton real life marriage that works better than T-Mobile’s other ad, ‘Family Drama 5G’. It’s fun and humourous enough to stick in consumer’s minds.


Amazon’s ‘Alexa’s Body’

It’s a strange concept that is utilised just well enough for a few laughs. What sells it most is Michael B. Jordan’s performance.


Cadillac’s ‘Edward ScissorHandsFree’

It’s quirky and it’s cute. Timothée Chalamet looks great in costume and the joke works well with the product’s premise. Easily one of the most memorable ads from the Super Bowl, even though people may not remember exactly what the product was.


Reddit’s Five Second Ad

The text below basically does all the work. Ads are expensive and reddit has a sense of humour. It’s refreshing when compared to all the other commercials we’ve seen.

Reddit's Super Bowl ad
Credit: CNBC


Tide’s ‘The Jason Alexander Hoodie’

It’s creative and strange. They manage to line up different facial expressions with different activities very well. Well enough that it even has a few genuinely humourous moments. Points are given due to it’s memorability and nostalgic pop song (that doubles as a Seinfeld reference).


General Motors’ ‘No Way Norway’

Celebrities showing up in these commercials is basically a given, but Will Ferrell here is fairly funny considering he is in a commercial. The Norway jokes are kinda funny and the friendly rivalry for electric car dominance is endearing despite it’s corporate nature.


Doritos’ ‘Flat Matthew’

Doritos have always had memorable Super Bowl ads and this year’s is no exception. It isn’t hilarious or anything (it’s a commercial for god’s sake) but it is fun. It’s better than most of the other ads in the Super Bowl, so it’s on this list.


DoorDash’s ‘The Neighborhood’

This ad is just cute and wholesome. A good song with obviously great puppet work from the creators at Sesame Street.


Overall, most of the commercials were pretty terrible and cringeworthy but what else do you expect from big corporate advertisements? These were just the best out of a bad lot. At least we got the Weeknd’s performance.

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