The Resurrection of Regencycore in Netflix’s Bridgerton

People flocked to Bridgerton to watch the spirited romance, but the Netflix series became a global trend that ignited the Regencycore aesthetic. 

Credit: Marie Claire

In the midst of a society that styles black leather jackets with flared pants, the fashion industry was rattled when regency era-influenced fashion began to trend in sales. It’s an aesthetic only recently rediscovered by the leading Netflix series, Bridgerton.

Originally a book series by Julia Quinn, the New York Times best-selling series has been transformed into a series. And within a month of the shows release, the romantic drama reached 82 million views. The story portrays the romance stirring between Daphne and the Duke of Hastings while keeping the identity of Whistledown a mystery.  Meanwhile, the fashion industry is bursting with a new trend: “regencycore”.

Designer, Ellen Mirojnick, knew the high society world based in 19th Century London needed to radiate elegance. The series strays away from the dull coloured wardrobe seen in other period dramas. Mirojnick and her team purposfully designed the Bridgerton clothing to have decadent corsets, longline gloves, and feminine headpieces. It is obvious why viewers fell in love with the embellished clothing worn by Daphne as men fight for her affection.


Photo Credit: Entertainment Tonight

Before Bridgerton emerged onto our screens, corsets were portrayed on screen as a restrictive fashion trend of the past, designed to cut off women’s airways. But after the series’ release, it seems that public opinion has changed. According to Lyst, a fashion search app, the amount of people searching for corsets has increased by 123 percent. Meanwhile, trends show that empire line dresses have also surged by 93 percent.

Despite the regency era being in early 1800s UK, the aesthetic is easier to replicate than might be believed. With similar styles, such as cottagecore and cabincore trending in the media, buyers only need to get creative. Find inspiration from the distinct colour palette in Bridgerton by searching for pastel clothing items, such as nap dresses and puff sleeved clothes. A popular trend that revives online and in-store towards the warmer seasons of the year is floral dresses. Since the designers of Bridgerton’s iconic wardrobe do not overlook minor details, neither should you.  Include embellished accessories to complete your look.

The regencycore embodies a romanticised aesthetic. Bridgerton’s quick take-over of the fashion industry brings attention to the influence TV shows have in real life. Netflix has confirmed that the period drama will return for a second season. Until then, the fashion industry should prepare themselves for the unexpected.

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